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Susan Woodward

Susan Woodward


35 years of experience

Hello! I am a seasoned and dedicated psychotherapist, with over three decades professionally supporting people through difficult times and bright breakthroughs. I provide compassionate client centered care that is supportive and effective in treating depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction and moving thru significant life transitions or rough seas. I am a compassionate listener, and a steadfast ally. My practice is firmly rooted in principles of positive psychology. The goal of or work is to ease painful symptoms, nurture resilience, experience healing, growth, and a sense of well being.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

The first session is my opportunity for me to get to know a new client and understand what has brought them to seek therapy. I ask a lot of questions about the present time, the past, and what the client hopes for. It is a time for me to build trust and develop a helpful and therapeutic relationship with a client. I will usually offer my impressions for clarification and to begin to collaborative create a unique and beneficial treatment plan.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

As a licensed psychotherapist with a masters degree in social work, I bring a wealth of experience working with clients across the lifespan. My professional history includes roles in medical social work, hospice, and acute psychiatry which I believe has provided me with settings such as hospice and acute a deep understanding of human suffering and resilience. Additionally, I hold certifications in pastoral counseling and yoga teaching, which enrich my holistic approach to therapy. Because of my background and training, I am able to create a compassionate and nurturing environment where clients can explore their emotions, build resilience, and embark on a journey of recovery and growth.

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Positive Psychology

As a therapist, I have been trained in multiple theories and approaches, and I approach each client individually. I incorporate Positive Psychology in all of the work that I do because its founded on the belief that what most people hope for are meaningful lives with enhanced expression of love, play, and work. Positive Psychology helps us to find our resilience and our inner strengths. With the awareness of what are strengths are and what has helped us in the past, we can address, what may be emotionally difficult, or unimaginable, from a place of understanding , compassion and competence.

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