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What would your life be like if the things that are causing you problems weren't so much of a problem? How much better would your daily life be if the raging wildfire of debilitating emotions and thoughts inside you was reduced to a birthday candle? Whether our work together is addressing years of trauma that impacts your present day or brief, solution focused interventions for a problem that requires decisive action; we will count on years of experience and training to help us navigate the issues you face. Together, we will identify your strengths, cultivate them, and work to set you up for a life of continued success using your definition of what success looks like TO YOU. After all, it's your life and you are the expert in how to best live it. My career has been dedicated to helping others, especially those who have struggled with trauma disorder, such as PTSD. For the last three years I have specialized in working with children and teens in the Kentucky Foster Care system. Before that, I spent years working with adults, teens, and children in the outpatient clinical setting, veterans in transitional housing shelters with trauma and substance use disorders, children and adolescents in a psychiatric residential treatment setting, and as a case manager linking families to needed resources. Now, I have decided to use my skills in private practice to focus on helping my fellow Kentuckians, especially those in Appalachia, have access to high quality care that they don't have to leave home to access.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

Our first session is generally a history taking and exploration of present symptoms. We will talk about your childhood, your values, your strengths, and several key areas of your life; as well as such topics as what you hope to get out of working together in therapy. This is so that I can conceptualize the most effective way to help you work to overcome the issues at hand.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

I hold unconditional positive regard for any client who steps through my door or enters my screen. I have never lived your life, so it would be unfair and morally wrong for me to pass judgement on you. My greatest strength is an ability I developed years ago, and that is the one of being able to listen without judging. My first responsibility to you is to simply hold space to let you tell me who you believe that you are at your core, regardless of what my personal beliefs may be.

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Fully EMDR trained by the Institute for Creative Mindfulness and Blue Star Counseling. Use with success and efficacy equal to in-person sessions for most clients across HIPAA compliant teletherapy platforms.

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

Utilized CBT principles for the bulk of my career to assist with identifying core negative beliefs and developing healthy coping.