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I have been a Nurse Practitioner for approximately three decades. I completed my graduate education in Nursing as well as Public Health from Boston schools. I am board certified as both a Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and an Adult (primary medical care) Nurse Practitioner. For approximately the last 16 years, I have focused my career exclusively in the area of psychiatry. However, I integrate my knowledge of psychiatry as well as primary care in my approach to my patients. I have significant experience in working with many diverse populations, including urban and rural populations across all socioeconomic spectrums, age ranges from late adolescents to middle adulthood, professionals and college students of all levels, LGBTQ adolescents and adults, persons confronted with life stage transition issues, persons living with chronic medical disease, and persons with addiction/substance use difficulties. Although I am well experienced in many areas of psychiatry, my focus in telepsychiatry private practice is on managing depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, adjustment disorders, ADHD treatment with appropriate initial testing, trauma responses, and bipolar disorders without true mania or psychoses. I will not be able to treat psychotic disorders or significant substance use/addiction as a primary diagnosis through telepsychiatry.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

The first session with me, which typically lasts an hour at a minimum, is an information gathering session and less of a 2-way conversation. During the session, I gather health/medical information, past psychiatric and behavior health treatment, relevant family and social history, begin the evaluation and diagnostic process of your past and current symptoms that currently bring you in for treatment, provide psychoeducation regarding your diagnoses, discussed your treatment goals, and I'll present psychiatric and psychopharmacologic treatment options that you feel comfortable with and are based in scientific evidence. This is also a session where you and I begin to get to know each other, developing comfort and rapport. Beginning to develop a trusted treatment alliance is important during this session. In rare occasions, the next session may be needed to gather further information in order to support the activities and goals of our first session. However, in most subsequent sessions the focus is on response and tolerability of treatment and alterations to treatment if necessary. Throughout our work together, rapport, comfort, openness, and trust continues to evolve.

What treatment methods and tools do you utilize?

Treatment methods I employ are the classic psychiatric interview, collaborative treatment plan development, and evidence-based medicine interventions. I also typically gather relevant information from psychotherapists, primary care providers, and/or medical specialists when needed. My treatment methods are diverse and evolve to meet treatment goals and ensure that our work is focused on maximizing therapeutic potentials. To this end, my approach can be comforting, supportive, and patient-driven to directive and therapeutically confrontational if needed to help propel the patient to a higher level of functioning.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

One of my biggest strengths is the length of time I have been in practice and the knowledge gained during this time from direct practice in multiple settings. My practice is always scientific evidence based, although I do process a good working knowledge of alternative treatments and integration of alternative treatments into more traditional treatment approaches. Other areas of strength include my use of humor in my practice. Through personal and professional experiences, I have learned to value to power of humor in healing. Another area of strength, is my ability to quickly form honest, trusted, open, and relaxed therapeutic relationships with my patients. In my opinion, effective psychiatry hinges on these characteristics. My treatment style evolves to meet your needs.

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