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I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with 14 years of experience helping people navigate the difficult seasons of life. I have a masters in Counseling from the University of Phoenix and a PhD in Human Services from Walden University. I place a high value on rapport building and strongly believe that each client is an expert on themselves.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

The first session is where I gain information about the context of your life and the presenting issues you are experiencing. In our first session I do explain what to expect throughout therapy and what therapy tends to be like for clients who have never done therapy before. Also, you can expect to share some general things about yourself to help me get to know you better. Depending on where clients are with accepting their situation, I address the negative stigma associated with mental health.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

My greatest strength as a therapist would be my ability to connect with people who have had a variety of painful experiences. I have been told by clients that my analogies and the way that I explain things are helpful. In addition, I have a teaching background. I place a high value on learning, which is an important part of the therapy experience.

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My treatment methods

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

I have been using CBT for 14 years. I find CBT effective for helping clients gain better control of their thoughts, how they interpret their feelings, and how they respond when triggered. I teach my clients that feelings are not facts. I help them uncover negative core beliefs associated with anxiety, anger control problems, mood disorders, and self-esteem issues.

Daialectical Behavior (DBT)

I have been using DBT for 5 years and I have worked in outpatient and residential DBT specific programs. I currently use the DBT skills to help clients become more present, which helps them to be more effective with using coping skills in general. I also use DBT skills to help clients learn how to self-validate and reduce emotional reactivity to stressors.

Christian Counseling

I am a believer and I understand that incorporating Biblical principles and faith into mental health counseling can be very effective for clients who have this preference. I help clients process their conceptualization of grace so they can be more forgiving of themselves and others. I also help clients understand the Biblical view of how thoughts influence behavior, mood, and character.

Grief Therapy

While it is difficult to do therapy and not encounter grief, I have been working more closely with grief since the start of 2020. I work with clients to accept the emotional experience of grief. Common issues that I help clients through concerning grief include avoidance, forgiveness, and depression.


I find that using an eclectic approach enables me to tailor treatment for each individual client. For example, I might use CBT, with mindfulness, journal therapy exercises, and shadow work. I incorporate prevention into any therapy I provide. I help clients understand the importance of self-care for helping to reduce the negative impact of stress.