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My name is Omar Sandoval and I could have been a statistic. The persistent financial, social, and inter- and intrapersonal adversity I experienced coming from a low socioeconomic status single parent home could have defined me were it not for hope, discipline, education, luck, and my hobbies. Instead, I am a Mexican-American English/Spanish speaking Licensed Professional Counselor practicing since 2017. I was inspired to work in this field due to many hardships growing up. Though difficult to overcome, such significant obstacles ignited my curiosity for understanding the human condition and improving upon it when and where possible, a lifelong pursuit which still guides me personally and professionally. Me llamo Omar Sandoval y soy un consejero acreditado bilingue ejerciendo desde el 2017 de descendencia Mexicana. Por que me crie pobre, desde joven aprendi la importancia de el aprendizaje, luchando y chambeando, y la sinceridad interna y externamente. Tambien aprendi que la vida no es nada facil y, para sobrevivir y sobresalir, hay que hacerse duro y valiente. Solo fue asi que aprendi no temerle a las problemas ni a los crisis ya que en esta vida hay muchos y tambien aprendi como comunicar esta capacidad para superar los obstaculos interna y externamente en mi vida personal y en mi profesion.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

I have experience treating acute and chronic complex psychopathological, multicultural, identity, motivational, self-esteem, and self-actualization issues with underserved clients and from a wide range of severity, ages, and demographic backgrounds. If you are ready to overcome the circumstances and obstacles that have been holding you back, reach out today to schedule an appointment. Tengo experiencia tratando varios problemas de identidad y autoestima y desordenes psicologicos mayores y menores de varias gravedades y de corto y largo plazo. He tratado gente de varias edades, situaciones, y antecedentes demograficos. Si está listo/a para superar las circunstancias y los obstáculos que le han impactado, comuníquese hoy. Anticipo atenderlo/a en nuestro viaje hasta el mejoramiento total.

What treatment methods and tools do you utilize?

I have an eclectic person-centered integrative psychotherapy approach and primarily use cognitive-behavioral therapy and psychodynamic therapy to recognize, scrutinize, and modify problematic beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors as well as their past and current origins, meaning, causes, and potential alternatives. Simply, we shall work towards awareness of what you do and why you do it as well as how to interpret, act, react, and live in a comparatively healthier manner through pro-social coping and skills building based on your strengths and goals. I look forward to walking alongside you towards better mental health and way of being. Discutiremos y analizemos lo que hace, lo que no hace, y lo que deshace y los cuando y por que. Hablaremos francamente de causas, condiciones, y resoluciones.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

For me, this is not a profession but a purpose. I will do my best to show you your best. Para mi esto es mas que una profesion, es mi proposito. Dare lo maximo para que Ud llegue a su maximo.

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