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Paula Nooonan


Paula Nooonan, LICSW - Minnesota Therapist at Grow Therapy
5 years of experience
I came to be a therapist following a long career in the non-profit world. I believe that my life experiences shape who I am as a therapist and I understand that trust is at the core of any relationship I have with clients. I love helping clients understand their experience and how it has shaped them. I know that choosing to go to therapy is not an easy decision and can be very overwhelming. I want to help clients make this decision one they can look back on and know it was worthwhile.

Next available: Jul 19

Vanessa Glatt, MA, LPCC


Vanessa Glatt, MA, LPCC, LPCC - Minnesota Therapist at Grow Therapy
9 years of experience
I enjoy creating a non-judgmental and affirming space for adults in their 20s and 30s to work through life with short-term or long-standing mental health and emotional distress. Feelings of anxiety and the need for isolation can be internal cues to request reconnection to what makes our lives meaningful. Ideally, enjoying the moment, knowing how to soothe overwhelming feelings, and engaging our sparkling personalities helps us feel alive. If you want to learn about your mental health needs, understand your patterns, and improve strategies to take better care of yourself, my approach will feel comfortable. I use a gentle and caring approach to provide practical strategies and guiding questions. This helps you explore your pain and find insight and relief from distress. You can expect to explore past experiences, when appropriate, create goals for growth, be offered EMDR strategies to soothe discomfort and shift your mindset to connect with your strengths.

Next available: Jul 18

Elizabeth Douglas


Elizabeth Douglas, LPCC - Minnesota Therapist at Grow Therapy
18 years of experience
I believe that YOU are the best expert of you! I've taken my 18 years of experience and created a safe space for mental health therapy. I envision a therapeutic space to empower you to embrace personal transformation and healing through a harmonious connection with nature, fostering autonomy, and initiating long-term, positive change. My commitment lies in providing a safe and supportive space for therapy, free from judgment. I am both a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) & a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) In my spare time I enjoy indulging in creating art and being in the artistic community, spending time with my adult children and our cats, volunteering with Pride and GPS, and in the summertime I raise honeybees and native butterflies for wild release.

Next available: Jul 17

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