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Michelle Ulloa

8 years of experience

Welcome, my name is Michelle Ulloa. Are you missing joy and the drive in your life? Feeling disconnected with yourself, family, friends your partner and society? I can help so, let's do this together by making a positive impact in the areas affecting the progress you want. I will empower, inspirit and help create the change you are needing but its not easy and it will required you to do less of what is not working and more of what does work (we will explore what that is for you in session). Mixing conversations & interactive activities alongside with empathy and respect we can create change. I will met you where you are and push just enough each time you are ready in reaching your goals in therapy.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

I will use my intuition, humor, theoretical knowledge and a variety of interactive therapeutic approaches to guide you through to the other side of your hardship. All I ask is for you to be willing, open and hopeful. You can expect to feel and be yourself every time in session. I will hold all of your struggles and distress in session and by the end of session each time the weight you're carrying will lessened until you are able to hold it yourself without the struggles and distress.

What treatment methods and tools do you utilize?

My experience has guided me to have a systems theory paradigm but I also use an integrative approach of which, I’ve utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focus, Interactive Techniques, Behavior Modification, and Client Center to name a few. I explored all the ways you interact with the world and people that can have a big influent in how you think, feel and behave and together create solutions.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

I have experience collaborating with adults, teens, children and their families in a wide range of situations/disorders to name a few (bullying, behavioral problems, families in different life transitions, grief & loss, parenting skills, ADHD, adjustment disorder, anxiety, trauma and depression). Previously, I’ve worked in the client's home with their family/caregivers enhancing their development potential due to their disabilities and provided parenting skills/support. I’ve also worked at a domestic violence shelter with women and their children in crisis. Tele-health working through global disaster due to transitions/adjustments/lost.

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