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As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and where ever you are in your life right now, I believe there is always time to reflect on and improve your overall well-being if needed. When do you set aside time for yourself? Let's talk about that. How often do you hesitate or ruminate over a mistake you made yesterday, or even last year? It's common to get stuck on our paths and focus on mistakes - talk to me and we can begin drawing a map for better understanding your emotions, thoughts and how they dictate your everyday. What is keeping you from living the type of life that you want for yourself and how do those obstacles dictate your everyday choices? These are only one of the questions I can help you answer for yourself in our sessions that focus on managing intrusive thoughts, building better relationships and accepting your whole being as worthy of love. I work with cerebrally inclined adults and teens, giving attention to their needs when “being in my head,” and perfectionism distracts from attainable goals. With my experience in using evidence-based practices and building a comfortable space for you, my philosophical background will guide you through anxiety, depression, obsessive thoughts and existential dread. We will use mindfulness exercises, meditation and structured cognitive-behavioral prompts as well. Think of our time together as a study group with your holistic well being as the main subject and the quiz as your everyday life. Ultimately, I offer the chance for us to go on that journey of self-discovery as a team - we can find the answers that you are looking for. Let’s do it!

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

Clients working with me can expect dedication to their set goals and unconditional support through whatever life throws their way. You should finish sessions with a sense of relief, peace and meaningful subject matter to ponder for the coming week.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

I deal with big ideas and small details within life stories from a powerful childhood experience to a daily quirk you want to change. If you need a listening ear and sounding board that offers a fresh perspective, you have come to the right place! In treating the whole person, I look at individuals that have felt ostracized from society largely due to their thought process or not feeling heard by others. I will help you question your biases, assumptions and feelings towards what your problems are in your life as you see them.

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My treatment methods

Person-centered (Rogerian)

Unconditional positive regard is a core tenet of my practice and how I treat all of my clients. Being all ears to your experience first before offering anything of my own is important. I am always on your side, no matter what has happened in your past or what circumstances you find yourself in while seeking support. This is one human being supporting another, full stop.

Acceptance and commitment (ACT)

Finding the means to work within our own minds as they are and appreciating how your own thoughts or feelings can enable you to tackle difficulties standing in your way rather than avoiding them should be rewarding - this is much of what I have worked on with clients feeling out of control of their lives. ACT allows you to break free of black and white thinking with emphasis on mindfulness, the here and now.

Mindfulness-Based Therapy

Mindfulness as a diffuse concept has become part of many treatments I employ, including portions of ACT, DBT and somatic therapy. I like to teach meditation in a way that is immediately helpful and foundational for practicing effective means of self discovery via non-judgmental exploration. Life is always happening in the present - that is all there is. In my experience, mindfulness based practices, when well taught, can elevate therapy from what only seems like talking to a valuable, life enhancing commitment.

Solution Focused Brief Treatment

Sometimes problems are clear cut and we know what we're dealing with, which is where directed questioning and planning come in. Practicality, pragmatism and what we can work on to improve your situation right now is so important to me. Whether it's a job, someone in your life or just struggling with coming up with a plan to confront your issue, we will work together in using optimism to see you through the specifics.

Motivational Interviewing

We all struggle with deciding between one thing and another, or even conceptualizing the choices in front of us as interactive. Making a decision is often more about what hardship you can accept over the immediate benefit of say, going back to school, switching jobs, leaving a relationship. Do not feel as though individualized choices should only be solved individually - you can ask for help as well!