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Jazzy Gohar

7 years of experience

I aim to support individuals, couples and groups to connect with and express their true selves. With a solid relationship with ourselves and our support systems we are able to overcome many of lifes challenges. Unfortunately, a lot is out of our control, but I like to highlight our strengths in recognizing what is in our control and take back our own power to live the life we want and deserve.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

During the first session it is essential to understand background and the point of which we decided to seek support to allow us to identify goals.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

Creating a safe space, encouraging the true self, as well as removing self inflicted pain (shame, growth, negative self talk, reducing the voice of the inner critic).

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My treatment methods

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

CBT has a foundational pillar using homework. As therapy is an hour a week, homework allows us to give more time to ourselves, continuing to grow throughout the week, implement the work being done in session, and challenging ourselves. CBT is also essential for short term goals helping us with dealing with symptoms until we can get to the seed or core of our challenges.


Narrative allows us to see more than one perspective in our story, especially when it is challenging to do so when we are in the heat of the moment. Externalizing also helps us dig deeper in understanding why certain themes or emotions appear.


Exploring our past, the nurture aspect allows us to find common themes, possible negative cycles, and areas of growth that have impacted our current quality of life and coping skills.


By using EMDR we are able to work through unprocessed memories that take up more space than they need to which leads us to be more triggered when certain events of the past than others. By using bilateral stimulation (which also occurs when we are walking) by means of eye movements, we are able to process and reprocess memories to allow for them to take up the appropriate space as opposed to the larger space they currently do.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is essential in the recognition that we are not alone. By sharing with others, and hearing their stories, we are able to normalize and come to terms with our situations. Listening also allows us to see situations from a different perspective which ideally motivates us to support ourselves to be the version of ourselves we want to be.