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23 years of experience

Hi! I am Rose. I am a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist (LCMFT) and Registered Nurse. I attended The University of Maryland for my BS and MS in Family Studies. My LCMFT program taught me to look at challenges that happen inside us and between us. I help clients look at the patterns in their lives that no longer serve them. I help clients find their voice to speak up, and change the interactions inside themselves and between their significant others, at home, work or play. I work with clients short and long term. I believe in psycho-education: educating my clients about how therapy and change work. I do client coaching for those clients who prefer not to use their insurance for their counseling sessions. I try to make therapy work within the clients financial abilities.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

I want to say a warm hello to you at the first session and honor you for your courage to come to therapy. We will go over certain forms for me to learn about you, your history, strengths and challenges. I always tell clients to go slowly with sharing with me as you have just met me. Most folks don't realize it but the most important thing in making therapy work is the relationship between you and I. My goal is to create a warm, safe environment where you can share what matters to you. As we chat, I am listening for possible goals for change that you may have and help you choose the most important change you wish to make first. Therapy is a collaborative effort. You have hired me to help you with your life. I am honored to help you and look forward to scheduling a second session with you.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

I am unique because I focus on the mind and body. I am checking in with clients not only how they are taking care of their mind, feelings and thoughts but ask"What is going on in your body?" To help clients care for themselves physically, I educate clients on how to be grounded in their body "in their gut" or inner wisdom". As a nurse, I may suggest a physical to make sure your mental health challenges are not coming from untreated physical challenges. I treat the whole person. I look at how the client takes care of themselves with food, sleep, exercise, friends, health etc.

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Experiential Therapy

Experiential therapy focuses on our experiences in life: Are you suffering? Feeling alone? Stressed out? Anxious?Depressed? All these emotional states are experiences. I welcome you into a virtual therapy session with me where I provide a safe, warm, trustworthy, supportive, healing environment where we explore your past and present experiences and come to understand how it makes sense that you are feeling what you are. Goals for your challenge areas/future will be set by you to help you move forward into a more positive experience of yourself and your life. I will help you meet your goals. Life can be better! In therapy "you matter" and "you are important" which can be a very different experience than we have had in life. I look forward to meeting you to help you make your life better for you!!


As a Strength -Based therapist, I believe we have two experts in the therapy room. I bring my expertise from years of providing therapy and you bring your expertise from living your life. From the beginning session, I can see that you have the strength of courage to ask for help and want to change your life. I am an active listener and take your decision to ask for help seriously. I want to help you see your strengths and your growth areas and set goals to improve your life. As we go through the sessions you will see yourself in a new light. I see the positive in you and reflect it back to you. Sometimes when we enter therapy it is hard to think that things will improve, but they do, "little by little" and over time. Sometimes it is hard to think we might develop the self-confidence and self-esteem we have been seeking, and through therapy, it is possible to experience these positive feelings about ourselves.

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy looks at our thoughts, our behaviors, and feelings and how we see the world arround us. I have used CBT exercises to help clients manage their anxiety, depression, PTSD, relationship challenges, develop improved social skills, learn to make more thoughtful decisions and to meet the goals they create for therapy. It is a highly effective therapy. CBT breaks things down into manageable pieces of change. It makes the process of change easier with concrete ways of doing things that are a jumping off point for better mental health and mental flexiblity.

Culturally Sensitive Therapy

I have received great training in working with folks of different racial and cultural backgrounds. I believe in the negative effects of systemic racism and work with my clients to process their experiences and to find their voice/empowerment. I believe we are all flowers of one garden and our different hues, accents, appearances, and values create a beautiful tapestry. I believe that solving racial issues can lead to healing across America in years to come. We have so far to go and I feel that as we focus on the challenges of racial prejudice, disparity, etc, we are doing something about Racism: The Most Challenging Issue for America.

Faith based therapy

For many people their faith provides encouragement, resources, friends, and meaning in life. If you want to talk about faith as a resource, we will do so. I have experience working with folks of many different faiths and can see the value of all faith traditions. Also, many people are angry at their faith, and know they do not want to live as they were brought up. We can talk about faith, in any way that helps you understand where you have been, where you want to go and how to get there.