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Thank you for considering me as your therapist. Like shopping for a car or purchasing a home, finding a therapist with whom you connect is an investment. This investment is meant to benefit you and your desire to have a better quality of life with yourself or your partner. I work with individuals and couples on their journeys to living happier and more content lives. Do you want to feel happy with life and relieved from stress? We can work on taking care of that so that vision of yours can become a reality. Your story and the quality of your life matters most to me. I specialize in guiding communication and relational dynamics that are currently affecting your life. Whether it is personal challenges (i.e. detrimental self-talk, fear of judgment, life purpose) or relationship challenges (i.e. differing perspectives, communication styles, unhealthy conflicts), we can work on moving forward from this. I strive for deep therapeutic connections to help you and your loved ones feel supported, validated, understood and encouraged that it is possible for things to change for the better. The journey will not always be easy, but you do have the ability to change things. Book a session to begin the path to a better life for yourself and/or your partner.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

The first session is an introduction to each other along with us discussing what brings you into therapy and what you would like the end result to be. I will explain my therapy style and we will begin working on your concerns beginning with this session.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

My strength is to simplify most of this process in a way that is easily understandable for you to know what is going on in your life and what options you have available to you to have things go differently. I believe that being about to see how you are affected by internal and external influences can provide opportunities to change your current situation. Communication and relationships are huge factors in our sense of happiness. Are you ready to overcome communication and relational challenges? Do you crave happy and satisfying feelings more often? Let's set up a session so that I can help you get to a better place.

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I take a multifaceted approach to cover a variety of challenges that is having an impact on your life.