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Kristin Levandoski

22 years of experience

I am a licensed professional counselor in Pennsylvania. I have nearly twenty-three years of experience as a therapist. My areas of expertise are addictions and couple's counseling. However, over the years I have treated clients who have struggled with anxiety, depression, mood swings, ADD, ADHD, PTSD, OCD, sexual abuse/assault, and eating disorders. I have also worked with a few veterans over the years. When working with couples, I always focus on communication skills and tools, as well as ways to fight nicely first before moving on to what is actually bringing the couple to therapy. Other areas with couples I have treated have been related to infertility, infidelity, parenting issues, financial problems, and family problems. I am married and have been for twenty-one years and also have 2 children, a son age 18 and a daughter who is 15, as well as our rescue dog who will be 4. I do work full time as a clinical auditor for a behavioral health care company and also teach part-time at one of our local universities.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

During the first session, I like to take it slow and ease into the therapy process especially if the client or couple have never been in therapy before and do not know what to expect or if they are extremely nervous. I begin by talking about myself for a few minutes in order to introduce myself and explain what the person can expect. From there, I always ask the client or couple initial questions that are easy for them to answer in order for me to begin to get to know them better and to try to begin to establish rapport. I always end with finding out if there was anything they were hoping would happen on the first session that didn't or if they want to share anything else important that session that was not already asked or discussed.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

I feel my strengths as a provider are being warm and friendly. I also feel that I am able to put my clients as ease by being open and friendly. My hope is always that my clients are comfortable and relaxed with me so that they are able to open up and share their stories, struggles, feelings, and/or trauma, as all of those things can be difficult to share with a stranger.

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My treatment methods

Couples Counseling

I have been working with couples since 2012. The first basic things I look at with any couple starting therapy are communication skills and tools and ways to fight nicely. I feel these are the most important things to address first before getting involved and working on the initial reasons that are bringing the couple to therapy.

Reality Therapy

I use reality therapy with both couples and individuals, as I feel it is very important to focus on parts of the here and now and reality of things in their lives while also addressing their struggles and how to bring both of them together. At times, it is also very important to review the past to see how that comes into play with the person or couple in a reality sense.