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I am very eager to meet with you and begin the work of enriching your life through the empowerment of your choices and mastery of your world. In my work as a Therapist, my clinical training and experience encompasses depression, couples enrichment, grief/loss, separation/divorce, relationship issues, and other emotional/interpersonal disturbances. I specialize in trauma such as sexual abuse, domestic violence, and death/illness.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

"Life without change is not living; To be uncomfortable means that change is right around the corner!" I believe these words wholeheartedly as all of us arrive at a crossroads that determine whether we move forward, backward or remain stagnant. Even within my own life, I can viscerally pinpoint forks in the proverbial road where I clearly saw the paths laying ahead, yet feeling at an utter loss - overwhelmed and at times even dreading the idea of moving on. However each time I leaned in to these feelings and took a leap of faith, I found myself being bolstered and growing exponentially as a human being - thus leading me to this journey I am hoping to come alongside you in today! If you want to learn more about how I can help, don't hesitate - just like me, take the leap, you'll see.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

As a Marriage/Family, Individual and Adolescent Therapist, I subscribe to trauma-informed strength based, Cognitive Behavioral and Gestalt models of therapies, believing in the importance and connection of choice, empowerment, thinking and feeling for creating long-lasting change within individuals and their varying "parts of self".

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My treatment methods

Couples Counseling

There is nothing more intrinsic to man than the desire for relationship and companionship, and of this drive, no higher honour than marriage! That said, it is undeniable that while marriage in and of itself is beautiful, those who often seek it out are far from infallible. As such, learning to navigate the intricacies of this configuration whilst learning to trust the process is a rewarding work, and one that I hold in the highest regard, because love and marriage IS beautiful and worth it!

Trauma Informed Care

Historically, PTSD was seen as something untreatable and the silent killer in that it slowly but surely took over one's life. However, as times progressed, it was actually discovered that PTSD is not just treatable, but in fact curable and as such, there is no need for anyone to suffer in silence anymore! In re-experiencing the traumas whilst reorienting the individual, we can have a new normal begin to form - one that empowers the individual in every facet of their lives.

Christian Counseling

We all have something we believe in - or at least have at some point in our lives. However through life's journeys, we can at times lose sight of our guiding principles and regardless the cause, become disconnected not just from others but our true selves. As such, exploring openly and freely, the spiritual underpinnings of one's life is tantamount to healing the wounds so often unseen.