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38 years of experience
Solution oriented

I have been working with families and teens in crisis for over 40 years and now though semi-retired I choose to use my skills to reach out through online therapy to support others. I come from a unique perspective that life is one of balance or imbalance. Balance is needed in our physical, emotional and spiritual lives and when out of balance life is just not right, we know it and sense it. Three main areas of imbalance are areas of power, perspective and pain. If you are powerless, your reality is off and can't think with clarity, if filtered through trauma one is left not knowing which area to begin "fixing things" and one feels overwhelmed not knowing how to grow or change. When balance is returned, trauma is on the road to healing, the mind is clear and empowerment comes, life is good and peace returns. I count myself a "theological therapist" or a "therapeutic theologian" as some things have to go deep to the soul level to heal and sometimes we need to realize some of our greatest pain comes from our greatest growth and it comes not from figuring things out at the head level, nor standing up for ourselves in an instant but from doing the deep soul work that leaves one finding joy again and resting in a peace that passes all understanding. I learned much of life and therapy on the front porches of the little town I was raised in and the little church on the corner that helped raise me. Of interest, I live on a mountain in South Carolina with my wife and four dogs. Licensed in Indiana since 1993.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

Something will change, areas will be pushed, and thoughts will go deep.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

I see and look for what others may have missed, I look for the different or unique, the one thing out of place or the thing to build upon. I move always from a position of hope, change and peace. We each deserve this.

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Solution Focused Brief Treatment

Change one thing and begin to change everything. I use numerous modalities as a marriage and family therapist from CBT to Reality Therapy and Motivational Interviewing, but the key is movement and change, so practical steps are given to begin changing today.


How and if we attach with others, our ability to rest in the presence of another and find peace centers around how we attach and connect.

Faith based therapy

Life gets out of balance between the physical, the mental/emotional and the spiritual. Bringing power, perspective and pain back in balance that moves us forward in faith and hope is key.