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I am a licensed professional counselor helping individuals cope with depression, anxiety, and traumatic experiences through the exploration of core yearnings, autonomy, and self-determination. We will work toward psychological flexibility and resilience. My approach combines mindfulness, acceptance, and commitment to promote lasting change. We'll identify your values, clarify your goals, and develop strategies to overcome barriers. I'm passionate about guiding you to create a rich, meaningful life, even in the face of difficulties. Let's embark on a journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and committed action, allowing you to lead a life that truly reflects your authentic self. I am inspired by models: person-centered therapy, narrative therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

We'll work collaboratively. While I won't provide direct solutions or advice, I will actively support you in exploring your own thoughts, feelings, and experiences. You will be encouraged to set the pace, choose the topics you wish to discuss and make decisions regarding the direction of our sessions. We will focus on accepting painful thoughts and emotions without judgment and embrace mindfulness to be present in the moment. We'll aim toward clarifying core values, set meaningful goals, and develop strategies to overcome barriers. You can expect a growing sense of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and a more profound connection with your authentic self. My goal is to support you as you develop the tools and insights needed to navigate your life with confidence and authenticity.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

The path to personal growth is a unique journey. I am committed to walking it with you, offering support, understanding, and guidance. Together, we will explore the depths of your potential and facilitate lasting change.


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My treatment methods

Acceptance and commitment (ACT)

Implement interventions to develop psychological flexibility, gain insight, and improve well-being. Encourage the exploration of personal values and the commitment to meaningful action and change.

Person-centered (Rogerian)

Facilitate self-discovery through a supportive, non-judgmental therapeutic relationship, where the focus is on facilitating personal growth and understanding from your perspective.


Empowering clients to view themselves as the authors of their own stories, aiming to help clients deconstruct and rewrite problematic narratives to create new, more fulfilling life narratives.