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Hi there! I'm Lainey. Do you feel stuck, powerless, and unable to develop sustainable strategies for long-term health? Are you hoping to challenge your inner critic? Is it hard to cultivate self-compassion? I help individuals find a peaceful relationship with their mind, body, and soul. Together, we can work on discovering how to feel a greater sense of safety, power, control, and esteem during the healing journey. We will identify what is keeping you stuck and get you back to balance. I believe you have an inherent strength that will help you rediscover your authentic self, outside of whatever may be holding you back. Everyone deserves to feel safe and at home in their bodies. Let's get started!

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

In our first session together, we will work on getting to know each other so I can understand how to make you feel safe in the therapeutic environment. After gathering background information, I will ask for you to work with me to identify your goals for therapy as well as discuss any reservations you may have. We will finish with a loose outline for upcoming sessions so you know what to expect!

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

I have a warm, empathetic, approach that I use to help you feel like you are a person outside of whatever struggles you have. I use my eclectic approach to amend your treatment plan as needed in order to meet you where you are. I cater my approaches so you can benefit from therapy regardless of your readiness or motivation for change. On a more clinical note, in order to make sure that I am up to date and appropriately informed, I engage in continuing education and training focused on a Health At Every Size approach to body liberation for individuals of all body sizes, sexual orientations, races, genders, abilities, and backgrounds.

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My treatment methods

Cognitive Processing (CPT)

I use CPT to aid individuals in exploring how their trauma narrative is influences their perception of safety, power, control, intimacy, and esteem.


I use an eclectic approach that includes a variety of evidence-based treatments. If you are in need of skills, we can reference Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Radically Open Dialectic Behavioral Therapy. To help you connect with a deeper sense of self we can use Acceptance Commitment Therapy, mindfulness techniques, and narrative therapy. When doing soul work, I'll invite you to utilize mediums that speak to you, such as music, art, pictures, writing, or poetry.