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Dr. Don Trahan, Jr.

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I am a licensed professional counselor in Virginia with 12 years of professional work experience. I hold a BA in psychology, MA in clinical psychology, MA in educational leadership, PhD in counselor education and supervision, and a DBA with a focus in management. When I work with clients, listening to understand instead of hearing to respond is a priority. I believe it is imperative that I develop a sound understanding of my client's subjective worldview to meet them where they are and disrupt maladaptive thoughts and patterns of behavior. My objective is to collaborate with my clients in order to help them identify, address, and resolve matters that reinforce and/or contribute to their presenting concern(s). I have experience in helping clients with relationship issues, trauma and abuse, & motivation, self-esteem, and confidence, anxiety, adjustment issues, college and career readiness, couples, depression, family dynamics, gender identity, identity development, LGBT+, non-traditional relationships, men's issues. In our work together, I work with my clients to create an open and safe environment where thoughts and feelings can be shared without fear of judgment. Taking the first step to sign up for therapy can take courage and I am proud of you for getting started!

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

Helping my clients reach a state of wellness is my priority. I specialize in the following areas: Anxiety, adjustment issues, college and career readiness, couples, depression, family dynamics, gender identity, identity development, LGBT+, non-traditional relationships, and men's issues. During therapy, I meet clients where they are so they can feel comfortable just being themselves. Upon doing so, we will work together to address life challenges you may be facing in order to develop new coping skills. In our work together, I will look beyond the surface to get to know you on a deeper, more meaningful level, which will drive how we prioritize presenting concerns and set/reach therapeutic goals.

What treatment methods and tools do you utilize?

I follow an integrative model of counseling, using a combination of cognitive behavioral, client-centered, and solution-focused techniques/strategies. Our work together will position you to give a "voice" to that which is a factor in the area(s) we work towards putting behind you to help you reach and maintain a state of wellness.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

To complement my doctoral education (i.e., PhD, DBA), I hold the following certifications: 1) National Certified Counselor; 2) Approved Clinical Supervisor; 3) Certified Diversity Executive. Moreover, I hold six certificates with a focus on equity and inclusion. Furthermore, I am a professor at a prominent research one institution in the United States. I use the combination of all these professional accolades to meet my clients where they are, with a focus on giving them a safe and supportive environment to explore elements of their lives that have been suppressed. In sessions, you will have the time and space needed to just be, without fear of judgment or limitations. Your voice is critical and must be elevated. Listening to understand is my priority in order to help you reach your goals.

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