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Jeremiah Henderson, LCSW

Jeremiah Henderson, LCSW


2 years of experience

Hello, my name is Jeremiah Henderson. I am a licensed clinical social worker practicing in the state of Texas. I have experience working with depression, grief, anxiety, low self-esteem, low motivation, trauma, and anger. It is important to realize that we are all prone to experience life stressors and negative emotions that can knock us down; however, I want us to work to develop skills and coping mechanisms to assist in helping to pull ourselves back to a point of stability. Getting to a place of happiness and stability is not something we can stumble on by accident, it will take deliberate work to get there and even harder work to maintain it. Let me help you get to the finish line.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

My therapeutic approach revolves around developing resolve, perseverance and adaptability. Helping you to develop your resolve to resemble a sword that can divide any obstacle. Helping you to persevere through the harshest conditions to reach your goals. Helping you to understand that mistakes and failure are inevitable but your ability to adapt will see you through.

What treatment methods and tools do you utilize?

Methods: Cognitive-behavioral therapy; Life Coaching; Psychoeducation; Couples Therapy; Individual therapy

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

The therapeutic environment and tone I create for my clients is one of empowerment and motivation.

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