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Risa Jinunarux-Shibata, LCSW, MSW, C-DBT

Risa Jinunarux-Shibata, LCSW, MSW, C-DBT


6 years of experience

If you are overwhelmed, lost and feeling down, I would like to talk to you about how therapy can benefit you. I use a person-centered, empowerment-focused approach. I believe everyone has strengths and potential to emerge on the other side, given unconditional positive regard. I strive to create a radically safe space in which clients feel seen, heard and validated. My goal to collaborate with you to explore what safe space looks like or means to you in today's world. I meet where the client is, and together we appreciate their needs and know that their needs and feelings do matter. I do require weekly appointment for new clients for 1-2 months depending on the severity of presenting problems. It is difficult to build therapeutic rapport, complete assessments without meeting weekly at least for a month. We may discuss biweekly sessions, and new clients would benefit most from weekly, long-term therapy services in my practice. I specialize in complex PTSD, trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship issues and women's issues. I practice culturally responsive treatment, and intersectionality guides my practice. I am certified in DBT and tailor treatment based on the client's unique presenting concerns and needs, drawing from CBT, DBT, coaching techniques, Solution Focused Approach, Motivational Interviewing, Internal Family System and body-based approach. I am currently available on the Zoom Pro platform only. I do not work with court-mandated cases, or custody cases involving law. Education: San Diego State Unversity, Masters in Social Work (Clinical Concentration) University of California, Los Angeles, BA in Sociology Languages: English Japanese Some Thai Client Testimonial: "I have been blessed to work with Risa as a client since 2020. I came to Risa as a neurodivergent patient who was struggling with undiagnosed anxiety and depression. These conditions were unidentified and unmanaged for most of my adult life, and they started to negatively impact my overall health, personal life, career, and quality of life. Risa is one of the most compassionate, detail-oriented, and supportive medical professionals I have ever met. Whenever I am mentally or emotionally struggling, Risa is always there to help me work through the tough times with kind and positive regard. She connects with her clients uniquely and specially. She displays a natural abiity to make patients feel comfortable and safe. -client C

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

In the first therapy session, my goal is to establish a safe and supportive space for the client to openly share their thoughts, feelings, and concerns. I typically begin by introducing myself, explaining the therapy process, and discussing confidentiality and the boundaries of the therapeutic relationship. We will also discuss: reasons for seeking therapy, their goals, and any specific issues they may have. questions, and offer empathy to encourage the client to share their experiences. relationships, and relevant life events.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

I do believe that I can build strong therapeutic rapport with most clients because of my compassion and of having lived experiences as a mixed-race first-generation immigrant from Japan. Whatever you are currently struggling with, I want you to know that you are not alone. I am passionate about collaborating with my clients interested in exploring the role of race, ethnicity, gender identity, class, disability status, sexual orientation, and religion in their lives. The psychotherapy services I provide use a holistic and social justice-informed lens. I have worked in various clinical settings including a substance use treatment center, a community mental health clinic, a non-profit organization, a home-based intervention program and a telehealth mental health clinic. I received a year-long intensive clinical training at the San Diego LGBT Center under the mentorship of a clinical psychologist and I am passionate about providing LGBTQIA-affirming care. I am compassionate, and I am committed to co-creating a radically safe space for you to process and explore your inner struggles, turmoil and the past. My mission is to normalize your feelings, thoughts and reactions toward the adverse events that happened to you, and to instill a sense of hope through our work together.

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Daialectical Behavior (DBT)

I’m certified in DBT and believe that everyone can benefit from therapy these days. DBT addresses four domains including emotional regulation, distress tolerance, mindfulness and interpersonal effectiveness skills. I also use other evidence based modalities including IFS, ACT, CBT etc to tailor treatment. I would like to collaborate with my client to work toward their goal and to improve quality of life.