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Alyssa Bianconi Momtaheni, M.S, LMFT

Alyssa Bianconi Momtaheni, M.S, LMFT


9 years of experience

Hi, my name is Alyssa, my cultural background is Italian and Hispanic. I am also married to an Iranian and have learned for decades about Iranian culture. I am familiar with first responders and have proudly been invited to do several ride-alongs with a local Police department. I began my work practices as a therapist in the Bay Area of California and have been serving for 8 years. I enjoy providing a non-judgmental environment to support you with providing skills and tools to improve life's challenges. I went to NDNU for my master's program, earning my Master of Science in clinical psychology. I did my undergraduate degree at Menlo College in Atherton California. Most of my time has been a significant amount of years working with children aged 0-5, in school settings, and with couples. I enjoy engaging in relationship building, providing tools you can apply daily, and also with women who have experienced trauma. I also am an animal lover and enjoy spending time with my Italian Greyhound "Rocco", with my husband and children, hiking, and engaging in meditation during my free time. I also love the color pink and have a love for collecting crystal beads and making jewelry.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

In our first session together I prefer to have a natural conversation. The reason I do this is because as we speak I learn so much about you and I start to pick on things that I notice could use support. I am also a human being and welcome you to ask me questions as well in order to get to know me and feel comfortable with sharing intimate details.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

As a clinician my biggest strengths come from providing you tools based on scenarios and for them to be utilized in session to help you manage your discomfort or unpleasant challenges.

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My treatment methods


The attachment approach has been proven to support clients with the needs they desire. Attachment theories are developed in our early years with a caregiver and with evidence to describe our early years of development. This treatment method can decode needs that have been misunderstood by others and also a way to communicate better what you desire from others or why you have challenges in relationships.

Couples Counseling

I enjoy working with couples and helping them learn new tools and new approaches to communicate better with a partner. Couples may experience many encounters with conflict and not know how to navigate through these challenges that come with others. My approach is to help each partner discover what they want from a relationship, goals, desires, values, intimacy, and communication. I also support clients with reconnection when a disconnection happens. Building trust is also an approach that comes along with couples for them to start living better with a helpful mindset of the other person.

Faith based therapy

I am a catholic human being who was raised in the catholic community and has made all my sacraments. If asked I will assist clients in healthy Catholic practices and also pray with my clients if they request. I do not bring up any religious bases therapy unless it is asked for.

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

This approach is used when we need to tone down those loud negative voices we hear that are unhealthy and create a lot of Anxiety. The approach also is supported when we have negative mind sets or are in self-sabotage mode where we think if negative things as our outcomes to control the outcome.

Gottman method

I am a big believer in the Gottman Methode and have attended "The Art and Science of Love" Workshop in 2022. Couples counseling will be integrated as a treatment to support the Four Horsemen.