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Hey y'all! I'm Kendra, a seasoned Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 20 years of experience helping people overcome daily challenges. I earned my Bachelor of Psychology in 2001 and my Master of Social Work in 2014 at Florida State University. I live in the Panhandle area with my family (meaning I am likely an hour behind you as I'm on central time). As a native Floridian, I love all the things about Florida and am honored to be able to give back to the great people of this state!

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

Get ready to take charge of your life! In a world that values "busyness," it's easy to feel overwhelmed and lost in the chaos. By working with me, you'll discover powerful strategies to conquer stress and overcome self-defeating thoughts. Together, we'll cultivate a mindset of fearlessness and confidence that empowers you to make positive changes and take control of your life. Our first session is the perfect time for us to discuss what to expect during the therapy process, discuss our services, start building a strong therapeutic relationship, and assess your specific needs.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

Compassion, authenticity, and integrity mean the world to me as a therapist. I always strive to bring these values into every interaction, both at work and in life. I'm really good at listening and making sure I truly understand where you're coming from.

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My treatment methods

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

I've been working as a therapist, using CBT since 2020. I love using it to challenge and change negative thoughts that try to make you believe you're a failure, worthless, or not good enough. I truly believe that by shifting our thinking and quieting the negative chatter in our minds, we can start the journey to overcome anxiety and depression!

Person-centered (Rogerian)

I've been in the field of social work since 2006, starting out as a case manager and eventually becoming a licensed clinician. Throughout my career, I've held onto the belief that everyone has the potential for growth and can achieve their goals. I genuinely believe that you are the expert in your own life, and I'm here to offer guidance whenever you need it.

Solution Focused Brief Treatment

Absolutely, our past has a big impact on who we are, but it doesn't have to hold us back from creating a better future. I love using SFBT to help you figure out what changes you want to make in your life and what goals you want to achieve. Together, we can paint a clear picture of the person you want to be and start taking steps to make that vision a reality.

Daialectical Behavior (DBT)

By practicing mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and finding a balance between our desires and obligations, as well as prioritizing our needs over external pressures and nurturing our relationships, we can develop the ability to manage and regulate our emotions. This can lead to improved communication skills, increased self-worth, and a reduction in stress symptoms.