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4 years of experience

As a Social Worker for nearly 30 years, I have experienced people from all walks of life who need someone to confide in, someone to talk with, & encouragement. I received my clinical license in 2019. Since that time, I have used my knowledge and skills to support individuals, from ages 5 to 65 years old with issues related to life stressors. My specialization is in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with people who have experienced trauma. Trauma often results in anxiety and depression. I currently provide therapy in a private practice setting, both for in-person and teletherapy clients. I work with individuals and families experiencing many types of minor and major stresses. As I am also a mother of 3 grown men, 2 of whom have young children of their own. I live in the Arlington, Texas area and enjoy being a full-time faculty member at a local university in the School of Social Work, where I have been for 19 years. I'm excited that I now offer an experiential therapy on Fridays using art. Please see the "specializations/tools" area.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

In our first session, we typically will discuss what brought a client into therapy and what their expectations might be for sessions. We will discuss logistics such as scheduling. Sometimes, we are able to provide some homework or agreed upon solutions to the issues at hand. It is always the client's choice to share what they are comfortable, understanding the sessions are confidential, within the limits of the law.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

As a therapist, my strengths are in the areas of communication, education, explanation, and guidance. A relationship between a therapist and client is one of strong ethical commitment as well as personal strength to support others. I love to laugh and enjoy helping clients explore themselves and their own strengths. I'm not opposed to exploring the deep emotions needed to fully heal.

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My treatment methods

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a well known treatment for many disorders such as anxiety, depression, & traumatic experiences. It is my treatment of choice and typically used in conjunction with other treatment modalities.

Christian Counseling

As a practicing Christian, I find that guiding clients in using their faith experiences can be a very powerful tool in healing. Also, I am open to discussing other faiths as they relate to a client's experiences and beliefs about how those faiths help them navigate daily life.

Child Parent Psychotherapy

I often meet with parents, children, & families to explore the root causes of child feelings and behaviors. Many times, parents benefit from receiving educational materials and discussing new ideas for parenting.


With my years of experience and training in Social Work, using a generalist degree platform, I am able to employ many different treatment modalities when working with clients. Psychoeducation is essential to helping clients understand what is happening and keys to improvement.

Experiential Therapy

I have always enjoyed adding art, music, dance, or other physical movements in therapy sessions. I have added free form Art specifically to my sessions on Fridays between 10:15am-1:00pm. There are 3 slots available currently. Clients can schedule 45 min appointments that include painting or drawing while we talk. This type of therapy adds to the experience by enhancing relaxation and stimulating valuable mindfulness to the sessions. It should be noted that I have training in Art Therapy, but am not an "art therapist". I use this method as a tool for these special sessions. Clients will engage in emotional expression through art. Clients may be expected to provide their own art supplies at a very low cost. These sessions can be in person or online in the comfort of the client's home.