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25 years of experience

Two websites give the broadest view of my experiences and multicultural background with regard to healthy and balanced life. I was raised as an "Air Force Brat" in different countries and come from an N.J. Underground Railroad heritage on one side. Besides my experience in well-know U.S. crises when i worked for county and non-profit agencies serving special populations like survivors of Hurricane Katrina, victims of Human Trafficking, cults and more, my experience usually touches in on the kind of client who may feel out-of-place with other therapists or systems *and

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

I want to get to know the priority that sent them to ask for help and if they have had disappointing therapists in the past

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

My personal and professional experience tends to fill in for people who have been disappointed in past attempts to get help or solve things. I am a cultural competence expert and I am at a conversational level with Spanish and understand biracial and bicultural identity issues in families, including white fragility, internalized racism, classism and their damaging affects on some circumstances for some people.

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My treatment methods

Child Parent Psychotherapy

I began my professional career in teaching special education "behavioral disorder " students of middle school and high school age and also advocating for battered women in a shelter program


My broad range of experience includes a large number of multicultural, class and gender role issues (i.e. wealthy families that have the means to publicly hide dysfunction; international, queer, multiracial family units; dysfunctional parenting that caused an abuse of psychological factors like certain forms of lifestyle and narrow belief systems, and more...) It depends on the situation what issues and factors may apply to solutions. Also, my knowledge of herbal and vegetarian issues, Chinese medicine and more are factors in approaching an issue. My broad multiculturalism in the literal sense is also key.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

Clearing the understanding of where certain psychological issues factor into where emotions can be assessed and healed in key


I have been an activist-oriented person for a variety of issues that interface with gender roles and issues that sometimes are considered political, so can apply LITERALLY culturally-competent approaches into my healing practice


I have a large variety of activities, worksheets and readings to offer to clients with the rest of my approach to problem solving.