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Are you ready to make some lasting changes in your life but not sure how to start? I can help! In over 10 years of practicing as a Mental Health Counselor, I have had the opportunity to work with many people struggling with self-improvement and change in all phases of life. I understand that deciding to live differently can feel overwhelming, however, having the right vision, support and encouragement can make all the difference. Working with a trusted ally makes the process of change much less intimidating and even exciting. I am that reliable therapist who listens and cares- one who can teach you new skills, help build insight about yourself, and make peace with your past. Even if you feel stuck right now, know that you are capable of making amazing improvements in your life! It is time for you to take care of yourself, and start living a life of integrity, passion, fulfillment and most importantly freedom. I'm looking forward to helping you achieve your dreams!

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

I understand that the first session can feel overwhelming, so my goal is to help you first and foremost to feel safe, comfortable, and heard by utilizing a light hearted approach, compassion and patience. In the initial session I will gather relevant information and establish a relaxed environment by meeting you alongside where you feel comfortable- we will not be doing intensive work today! Also, I find that it is helpful towards the end of the session to offer a general summary about the problems and solutions, answering your questions, and collaborating on something for you to focus on until our next session. Lastly, I will provide you with additional contact information in case you would like to contact me in the in between scheduled sessions.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

Understanding and helping others is my absolute passion- which makes me genuine, curious, and adaptable. In my extensive experience as a therapist, I always strive to learn about the unique needs of individuals, and connect with people deeply so that they can lead a life that is fulfilling and meaningful. By utilizing a virtual platform, I have discovered a niche for a population of individuals who otherwise would be unable or unwilling to participate in psychotherapy and offer access to excellent mental health services. This includes high-functioning students with very busy schedules, burned-out executives, anxious and depressed mothers, people on the Autism spectrum, and veterans struggling with PTSD.

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My treatment methods

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a treatment modality applicable for many common mental health issues because it addresses 3 key factors- Thinking, feeling, and behavior . Revising your personal narrative can help you see the world through a more accurate lens, feel more hopeful, and behave in a way that aligns with your integrity. Are you ready to begin?


Attachment theory explores the degree in which we feel safe, connected and interdependent in our closest relationships. Attachment styles develop very early in life and can vary greatly based on how our needs were met, however, many people in adulthood learn that the reason they feel chronically insecure, ambivalent, demanding, or trapped in their relationships is due to their attachment style. Increasing your understanding about attachment styles helps build self awareness, so you can regain a sense of acceptance, choice and self-control in all of your relationships.

Couples Counseling

Relationships take time, patience, and continuous work to flourish. Creating a vision for a successful and loving relationship with your partner must be frequently updated and upgraded. Learning better communication skills, conflict resolution techniques, and new ways to enhance intimacy with your partner can elevate your relationship to a new level.


Using this approach, you can dive deep into understanding how/why you do what you do. By building insight about subconscious tendencies, you can learn to understand the patterns of behaviors that have created conflict in your life, and make the lasting changes you never thought possible.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an approach that helps reintegrate traumatic events in a more salient and adaptive way. Although every individual has life events that leave a mark on him/her, it is not necessary to have it define them. There are simple yet effective EMDR techniques to help heal your mind, heart and spirit.