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Do you ever feel stuck? Do the negative beliefs you have ever hold you back—make you feel like you can’t move forward? Not sure what to do next? Sometimes life can throw you a curveball and when it does, I’m here to help. My name is Carol Poston. I’ve been a Marriage and Family Therapist for over 11 years. I am an experienced EMDR therapist and have witnessed the power of that modality to transform the life of my clients. I have extensive experience with grief and loss with 8 years of experience as a hospice bereavement counselor and chaplain. I understand the importance of religious beliefs on personal development and growth. My therapeutic style is shaped by my hospice experience. Every moment is critical. It’s not simply the case of making the most of each moment. It is indeed that this moment, this day, this session, is the most important. Being present and bearing witness to my client’s pain in this moment is what matters. In our sessions we manage the urgent but focus on what is most important. You are the expert in your own life--I am the professional guide here to help navigate your way through this difficult time. I am excited that you are considering me to be your guide to help you chart a new course for your life.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

From the first session, my clients feel respected. They feel that they have been heard and validated. I help clients move forward by drawing on their strengths to formulate a plan for change and creating a sense of hope. After several sessions, my clients begin to see their situation differently and have learned tools to help make changes in their lives.

What treatment methods and tools do you utilize?

I specialize in EMDR and The Flash Technique, rapid ways of processing trauma. When something happens that overwhelms our ability to handle it, it can be traumatic. Stored along with the memories of the event are also all the sights and sounds and a negative belief about ourselves experienced at that moment. Whenever anything reminds us of the event, it’s like we are right back at that moment. That’s why we so often feel stuck, unable to move forward. EMDR helps heal those memories so we see things from an adult perspective. These treatment methods are highly effective and quick! Many clients report a difference in a session or two. I also use a variety of other approaches including CBT, collaborative, solution-focused, narrative and emotionally focused therapies.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

I am a compassionate counselor filled with empathy. I don’t just listen, I hear what you are saying. I respect your dignity by checking in to make sure I have heard you correctly. I believe you are the expert in your life, I am a guide or coach to help you be your best. I have a unique gift of being able to see the best in people, to draw that out and build on it. I help you grow into your full potential.

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