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Steven Johnston MA PCC-S

30 years of experience

Steven Johnston CPC LPCC-S has been a clinical counselor for over twenty years, with special training in the areas of Pastoral Counseling , having additonal experience in treating victims of Domestic Violence ; Child Sexual Abuse; Trauma, workplace issues and Marital counseling. A graduate from Ashland Theological Seminary in 1988. Because Mr. Johnston did not want to exclude religious commitment issues from the therapeutic setting, he chose to pursue his Counseling degree from Ashland Seminary after graduating with ministerial degree from the Foursquare Church of the Gospel’s, Life Bible College East. He has continued to extend his Clinical Pastoral Studies through membership and training in the American Association of Christian Counselors. To avoid excluding an aspect of life that has shown to be of central importance to nearly two-thirds of the US population, Mr. Johnston has sought to integrate spiritual issues from a Biblical point of view in a way compatible with Biblical doctrine and Pastoral Counseling. This integration as it applies to marital, family and individual issues has been found to promote inner healing as it supports the client’s own religious coping skills.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

Mr. Johnston’s approach has been supported by the research evidence, that both spirituality and religion can positively affect a person’s general wellness and can serve a key role in providing support as people face existential crises. Because a clear distinction exists between spiritual–religious counseling and integrating spirituality–religion into the practice of counseling, the aim of Mr. Johnston’s integrating spirituality and religion into the practice of counseling is to support the client’s agenda rather than the counselor’s. Because ignoring a client’s spiritual and religious perspective is culturally insensitive and may also be unethical,

What treatment methods and tools do you utilize?

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy - changes behavior by changing the way an individual thinks about a situation based on what happens next when a chosen behavior is performed. Interpersonal Therapy - where the goal is to improve relationships, communication skills and social interactions. Marriage Assessment – systematic assessment, beginning with the early bonding stages of marriage, to identify significant patterns of disruption in the marriage. May involve a behavioral inventory to compare adjustments to the marriage (some additional cost for scoring).

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

Mr. Johnston’s philosophy involves keeping this doorway open to prevent closing off an opportunity to address potentially significant factors the client may need to include in personal decisions and the practice of their faith as discussed in therapy. With a Seminary degree in ClinicalPastoral Counseling - Deals primarily with spiritual issues from a Biblical point of view by someone trained in Biblical doctrine and Pastoral Counseling .

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