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10 years of experience

I'm Guillermo Arauz, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over 10 years of experience. I specialize in guiding individuals through challenges such as trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, familial issues, and parenting challenges. My eclectic therapeutic approach creates a warm, non-judgmental space for exploration and resolution of issues rooted in childhood traumas, lifelong patterns, and recent life changes. Passionate about empowering individuals to live in peace and joy, I customize my counseling style to suit your unique needs, providing support on your journey toward growth and the best version of yourself.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

In our first session, my focus is on creating a welcoming and safe space for you to express your thoughts and feelings openly. I aim to make you feel comfortable and supported throughout our time together. We'll discuss your reasons for seeking therapy, specific concerns, and goals. The session encourages open communication, and I'm here to listen, understand, and collaboratively determine the most effective approach for your unique needs. We may also explore personal history, current challenges, and goals. By the end of the session, my goal is for you to feel heard, understood, and empowered to embark on a path of growth and self-discovery.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

With over 10 years of mental health experience, my therapeutic approach is designed for lasting change and empowerment. I create a dynamic therapeutic relationship, balancing support and challenge. Drawing on diverse experience, I've successfully guided clients through concerns like depression, anxiety, substance abuse, familial issues, parenting challenges, and trauma/PTSD. My adaptability allows me to tailor the approach to your needs, transforming challenges into growth opportunities. My goal is not just to assist but to empower you to navigate life with resilience and confidence.

Describe the client(s) you are best positioned to serve.

I derive satisfaction from collaborating with a diverse range of individuals seeking assistance. Whether it's a client eager to alleviate symptoms of anxiety or a family unit grappling with relationship challenges, I strive to offer guidance and empowerment to all my clients.

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I believe every client is different, even if they may have similar symptoms. I use this approach to tailor treatment to the clients individual needs, maximizing flexibility and responsiveness. I believe this approach also acknowledges that uniqueness of each client, which in turn will help foster a more personalized and adaptive therapeutic experience.