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17 years of experience

Hi, I'm Trish Do you ever feel like you are your own worst enemy? Or perhaps that you will never have the life you want and have dreamed of living? Reaching out for therapy takes both courage and humility, and I am honored to join you on your journey. We all have blind spots and often fail to give ourselves credit for the strengths and qualities that our uniquely ours. As a therapist, I will promise to help bring out your best, so that you can make the changes needed to welcome joy into your life. I bring a ton of life experience to my practice, having faced the challenges of establishing careers- yes, more than one- raising a family of four children and maintaining a very, very, very long marriage. I have lived in eight states and six countries, and count several different nationalities among my family members. My early career was in the business world, including a Fortune 10 company as a human resources manager and recruiter. I transitioned into non-profit leadership and have sat on several boards of directors. I gain a sense of meaning by accompanying you on your life journey, especially during challenging times. My greatest satisfaction is to help you to remove the obstacles that are keeping you from the joy of living and loving.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

In our first session we will talk about your current challenges and the changes you would like to see.

What treatment methods and tools do you utilize?

I practice Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, which means that we look at your thoughts and feelings, as well as behaviors that may not be serving you. New discoveries in neuro-plasticity show that it is possible to rewire your brain. This is why CBT is highly effective. In addition, I see you through a holistic lens, attending to your mind, body and soul. There really is no separation between these aspects of ourselves so there is no reason to treat them separately. Additionally, I have been trained in every type of couple's counseling and have a great track record in helping couples to heal from hurts and to build more satisfying relationships. My goal is guide you to rediscovering joy in your life and your relationships. I see self-pay clients only for couples counseling and cannot accept insurance as payment.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

I work well with clients who are motivated to see positive changes in their lives. In particular, I have seen a lot of great results working with young adults, which I believe is the most stressful stage of life. Finding a satisfying career and a close, intimate relationship are universal goals in this stage, and can seem mutually exclusive. Additionally, I often find that my clients may be recovering difficult childhoods, sometimes involving abuse and/or neglect. I provide a safe space to process these difficult feelings and to begin the process of healing. Many of my clients struggle with anxiety, "imposter syndrome," feeling insecure at work and in their personal lives. I do this work because I love that they leave our sessions feeling less stressed and more confident.

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