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I hold the belief that everyone requires support at times, and it takes a whole lot to seek it out. I understand the discomfort of vulnerability, yet it's precisely why I engage in this work. I recognize the challenges but also the potential for fostering deeper connections and a more fulfilling existence. Navigating ambiguity is daunting, but it becomes more manageable with companionship. I see myself as both a toolbox and a pillar of support; my ultimate aim is to give you knowledge and tools, ensuring you leave our interaction better prepared for what lies ahead. Above all, I firmly believe in your capability and inherent worth.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

During our initial session, our primary goal is to explore the vibes and see if we're a match. I'll take the opportunity to understand you better, while also sharing pertinent information about myself to facilitate a strong connection. I am happy to bring questions and will be honored to receive your answers. I am generally straightforward, relaxed, and looking for connection points to determine how I can support you in the work and growth you want to do.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

I am committed to approaching therapy through a liberatory lens -- including but not limited to anti-racism and anti-capitalist perspectives, with an emphasis on integrating social justice principles into both my professional practice and personal life. My values and ethical standards are paramount to me. I strive to maintain an attitude of curiosity, humility, and non-judgment, although I don't adopt a passive stance—I engage authentically during sessions, fostering a space where genuine human connection can thrive. I bring myself to session so that we can be human together.

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Unlike other treatments that focus on changing emotions, thoughts, and responses related to traumatic experiences, EMDR focuses on the memory and is intended to change the way the memory is stored in the brain, possibly reducing and eliminating the symptoms. I am an intermediate EMDR practitioner, having completed EMDRIA-HAP's first level of training.


Narrative therapy helps individuals to rediscover their voice and feel more embodied as experts in their own lives, as well as to live in a way that reflects their goals and values. I also find that a narrative approach can improve relationships by encouraging you to examine the stories they tell yourself about your relationships. Together we can identify patterns and beliefs that may be contributing to relationship difficulties and develop new narratives that promote healthy communication, mutual respect, and understanding.


The goal of somatic therapy is to help individuals create an awareness of their bodily sensations and then learn how to feel safe in the body so that they can explore their emotions, memories, and thoughts. I focus on 'bottom up' therapies and engaging the body for deeper healing and to access release stress, trauma, and tension that has become stored in the body. I have completed Somatic Experiencing Beginner I training and will begin Beginner II shortly.


Relational therapy provides an opportunity to explore patterns, craft deeper and more vulnerable relationships, and find empowerment and healing. We will explore boundaries, compromise, and healthy balance in relationships. I believe diverse and deep relationships are a foundation for a fulfilling life and overall well-being; this modality can help promote stability and security in an individual’s life.


My goal is to prioritize the needs, interests, and priorities of my clients to wield evidence-based practices in a warm, gently-boundaried, and collaborative manner. I am more dedicated to you, the client, than I am to utilizing any particular theory. I also recognize how theory and evidence reflect relatively small segments of our society -- and probably don't reflect the totality of YOU, a whole human, and your expertise.