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Welcome to Safe Haven Counseling, LLC. My name is Allison Krauss Randall and I am a licensed clinical social worker with over 25 years of experience providing counseling services to women, men and children who have experienced trauma, loss and stress in their relationships and in their lives. I am trauma informed and trained as well as have trained over 200 therapists nationally regarding the impact of trauma on our attachments and relationships. I know both personally and professionally how important healthy, meaningful relationships are to our overall well-being. I also know the profound impact when our most important relationships are full of stress, hurt, betrayal and trauma. I have extensive knowledge on the impact of trauma when we desire loving supportive connections. I desire to create a "safe haven" where individuals can feel a sense of calm in the storms of their traumatic relationships to explore, process and heal the broken pieces of our hearts when our connections hurt rather than support.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

During our sessions, I strive to create a collaborative and compassionate environment with my clients to foster hope, healing and resilience to understand and overcome the impact of traumatic relationships, whether those relationships occurred 50 years ago or today. I provide education, support and guidance so all clients can feel empowered to create change that is meaningful within their lives and create a loving relationship with themselves while balancing the deeper emotional healing and processing the negative impacts of trauma.

What treatment methods and tools do you utilize?

I am considered an expert in attachment across the lifespan and use a client-centered approach while focused on trauma-informed care. During our sessions, I will choose modalities such as EMDR, polyvagal theory, and interactive supportive feedback that fit your life and your needs.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

Because I have 25 years of experience in this area of relational or attachment-based trauma and have trained and presented locally and nationally on this important topic, I believe I have both the knowledge from the clinical side of healing as well as can offer hope from experiencing first hand as a witness to the healing journeys of clients I have served over 2 decades to offer a SAFE HAVEN of support and compassionate nonjudgemental wisdom during your healing journey.

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