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Hi there! As a seasoned mental health professional licensed in New York, Vermont, and New Jersey, I bring a diverse range of therapeutic and educational experience to my work with clients. I help people build a relationship to core self, so they can navigate life's challenges from a sense of authenticity and alignment with inner truth. Working together, we can explore what is life is telling you through the challenges you are facing, and explore how you are handling it - what is working, what is not working, what you would like to change. We will work from a perspective of whole self, knowing that each person has many parts which have evolved to help in various ways. By deepening insight and understanding, then building skills, we will equip you to start making real changes. Sessions often incorporate, in addition to traditional evidence-based practices such as ACT and DBT, mindfulness and expressive and arts-based approaches. Emphasis is placed on developing a treatment approach specific to each client's individual situation and needs.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

The first session will be a time for you to talk about what you're interested in addressing in therapy. We will talk about what you're looking for, what you've done so far to work with the challenges you're facing, and begin looking at the "what next". We can talk about any questions or concerns you may have, and create a clear sense of how we'll move forward. Above all, it is important to me that you feel safe, heard, and seen.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

I've gotten a lot of feedback that my primary strengths are unconditional presence and the ability to create a safe environment. To me, these are natural outgrowths of my genuine interest in people and an abiding fascination with helping find resolution for suffering. I believe that the seeds to healing whatever ails someone reside within that person. I consider it an honor to be a part of the process when someone asks me to be an ally in their process of healing and growth.

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I draw from therapeutic modalities including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Existential approaches, Mindfulness, and Psychodynamic theory to create an approach tailored to each individual client situation. A strong interest in somatic or mind-body approaches informs my work, as well as expressive arts such as journaling, art, and guided visualization.


Harmonizing the elements of self such that body, heart, sense of right guidance, and mind are all in tune is central to my worldview and my work with clients. I aim to help clients establish and maintain a strong relationship with their core sense of self such that this approach balance becomes a useful approach to navigating life's challenges.