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Hi, My name is Diane Kelley and I am an experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. I received my Bachelors of Social Work from Long Island University and my Master of Social work from New York University. I have worked in both Mental Health Outpatient Clinics and Community Centers dealing with a large variety of mental health issues. When people come to see me, they are usually in some sort of pain, whether it is anxiety, depression, guilt, trauma, addiction, shame or experiencing some sort of loss. Pain in itself is not a bad thing. It is our body informing us that something is wrong and needs to be changed. Therapy is simply learning healthier ways to deal with our lives and emotions and learning that we are not alone in how we feel. We spend years going to school to improve how we deal with the world and even to improve how we drive our cars, Why wouldn’t we take the time to learn ways to improve how we live our lives? If you are in pain and don’t know why, come talk to me and together we will figure it out

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

The first session is about me asking questions. None of it is meant to be judgemental, but the more I know, the more I can figure out how to help. After our first session, I usually have a good idea on where we need to go. I often give homework or set a goal for the week. I find when clients are willing to work outside the office and work on meeting goals, they progress quickly and get more satisfaction out of therapy.

What treatment methods and tools do you utilize?

I use many treatment methods, including CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Motivational Interviewing, Meditation and Mindfulness, Trauma Informed Care, Strengths perspective, psychoeducation, safety planning and working on coping skills and communication skills, to mention a few. The approaches I use will depend on your issue(s), your needs and preferences. We will develop a treatment plan that meets your needs.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

I work with Trauma Survivors, assisting them in understanding why they have the reactions they have and how to alleviate those symptoms. I work with people who have depression and anxiety including those with Suicidal ideation. We will work on coping skills, resolving past traumas, safety planning and how to adjust perspective and problematic thinking that can send you in a downward spiral. I work with people in recovery. Substance use can damage relationships and make it impossible to function in a way that you can become your best self. I work with people who have been through rehab or are working a 12 step program to get to the issues underneath that led them to self medicate in the first place.

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