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Kristofer Isaksen

6 years of experience

I work with adults and adolescents 14 years of age and older who struggle with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Alcohol and Substance Use Disorder(s), Gambling Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Anxiety, Depression, Grief/Loss, and other traumas. I deliver a warm, empathetic, and solution focused. I am easily approachable and provide person-centered quality care. I entrench my practice with the sole focus of meeting the person where they are at.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

In our first session together, the plan would be to tentatively dive into the individuals' presenting problem(s) and prioritizing which problems are the most important to focus on first. I plan to provide a warm and welcoming approach in allowing the individual to feel comfortable in a safe space and allowing the person to feel free to being their natural self in initiating the start of positive change. This session is taken very seriously as this is the very beginning of the therapeutic process as well as establishing a therapeutic alliance with the individual.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

I am easily approachable as well as easy to talk to and cultivate a warm and inviting environment for individuals to address their innermost feelings and current challenges. I have been told by clients in the past that I genuinely care about them and the goals that they have to find happiness and success in their lives. I feel based on the six years of clinical experience that I have had since being out of school I have learned and gained a lot of insight through engaging in direct practice with my clients. I also like to focus on my main specialties of issues as I am always looking for ways to enhance my education and knowledge base through reading evidence-based practices and how they benefit people through real life experiences. I feel that another strength that I possess is I am able to keep an open-mind and am willing to learn from people from all different walks of life. I feel I have a strong prowess in putting myself in other peoples "shoes" and can empathize with them of the current struggles they are currently enduring. My last and most valuable strength in regards to treating the individuals that I serve is my ability to help others grow and thrive on their own accountability and individual change. Which allows me to remain focused on empowering the individuals I treat so they can continue to cope and manage their own life problems even after treatment is terminated and/or no longer needed.

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My treatment methods

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

I have had experience in numerous clinical settings where this approach is utilized. It is used to treat many psychiatric symptoms and diagnoses. This technique is utilized to change negative thinking patterns and to unravel cognitive distortions. It can also be utilized in managing anxiety, trauma symptoms, depression, and in navigating healthy interpersonal and significant relationships.

Grief Therapy

I have had experience using this technique in more private practice settings. I utilize this technique in my practice to explore the grief cycle and process so I can help guide clients through the grief process every step of the way. This technique is utilized to gain insight in regards to underlying thoughts, feelings, emotions that may trigger human responses and behavior to these internal triggers.

Mindfulness-Based Therapy

I have had experience in multiple settings when utilizing this technique. I utilize it in practice to help heal from chronic anxiety, depression, past traumatic experiences, and someone struggling with addiction and/or substance use disorder(s). It can also be helpful for individuals struggling with ADHD as well. This technique helps the body and mind remain in the moment free of past negative experiences and worries, fears, and the compulsion to self-sabotage or prevent giving into impulses of unwanted behaviors.

Motivational Interviewing

I have experience utilizing this technique both in substance use treatment clinic settings as well as with private practice. This method is utilized in my practice to help treat alcohol and substance use disorder(s) as well as behavioral addictions, OCD, and depression. This approach allows the individual being treated to focus on more healthy and productive behaviors they would like to implement in their recovery routine. This modality also meets the person where they are at in setting reasonable and realistic goals in the moment to help spur continuous and ongoing positive change.

Trauma Informed Care

I have utilized this modality in various settings. This modality has been utilized in my practice by exploring and healing from past traumas and how current and past behaviors may be subconsciously influenced by past traumas such as toxic, abusive, and codependent relationships. This technique can also teach healthy coping from past traumas and ultimately working toward to getting to a place of acceptance and forgiveness with setting healthy boundaries with others. This is a more long-term therapy approach that may take longer to successfully implement due to its rigorous nature of processing and healing from intense traumas.