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Amelia Pauley PMHNP- BC

Amelia Pauley PMHNP- BC

10 years of experience

As a provider with lived experience with significant anxiety, I know personally and professionally the challenges that can present themselves when you are seeking a way out of fear and sadness. Are you feeling stuck in a cycle of anxiety and dread? Or just missing the beauty of life and feeling lost without purpose or meaning? If this resonates with you, I truly believe I can be of assistance. As a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) I am skillful in medication management and have taken it upon myself to become thoroughly educated in the holistic path in my personal and professional life. When you become my patient, I will utilize many resources to assist you, from integrating therapy and medication management to help you reach your maximum potential. I am not just interested in helping you out of the darkness but also in moving you toward the light. I believe each individual deserves a life full of love and meaning and I am here to help guide you on that path. ***This clinic does not typically prescribe controlled substances, and FMLA/Short Term Disability is not typically completed on intake or for newly established patients. *** I am trained in Spiritual Integrated Psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, and holistic nursing care. I also utilize genetic testing, supplementation, and laboratory data as needed and desired to help patients reach maximum well-being. I believe in treatments that are evidence-based and am very interested in the intersection of science and spirituality. I look forward to meeting you and Growing together.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

Our initial visit will be lengthy, thorough, and encouraging. I will work with you to obtain as much information surrounding your current struggles and your history to determine the best path forward. If medication is warranted initially this can be done in session one or discussed in more detail at follow-up, depending on your needs. The initial session will last 60 minutes and we will develop our next steps before our meeting time ends. Follow-up visits can range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes depending on your needs. At our first follow up we will review a treatment plan based on information obtained in our initial visit. If we are working together for medication management only then 30-minute follow-ups may be sufficient. Therapy + medication management visits will be scheduled for 60 minutes. If you already work with a skillful therapist, I encourage you to continue with them and we can meet mindfully to review and discuss your medication needs and treatment. I may also order labs and genetic testing at this time if appropriate. If your therapy needs differ from what I offer I will continue to work with you on your medication management and refer you to a therapist that better fits your needs. (please note that at this time I am not prescribing controlled substances virtually)

What treatment methods and tools do you utilize?

- Mindful Psychopharmacology. I have worked in psychiatry for over 10 years and as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner for the past 5 years. I have trained for many years to prescribe psychotropics and I do it thoughtfully. Genetic testing can be acquired to help direct medication management as warranted. - Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy. I am trained in this therapy model and believe in its positive benefit on patients' lives. This therapeutic approach does not require you to consider yourself spiritual or religious to be effective. It helps to promote meaning and joy in your life. If you are religious or spiritual and want to explicitly address this in your treatment it would be my pleasure to integrate this into your care. If you have been harmed by religion, this therapeutic model can help heal your hurt and move you forward in a more positive way. - Complementary Medicine. I am trained in integrative techniques and will evaluate your physical body's effect on your mental health through genetic testing, laboratory data (as requested and indicated), and prescribing supplementation. I work with a reputable supplement company and can prescribe supplements to correct potential deficits that are contributing to your mental/emotional issues. Part of precision medicine is also taking into account your environmental situation and lifestyle patterns. This is a standard part of my assessment and treatment planning with patients. - Holistic Nursing Care. I consider myself a holistic practitioner and work from an integrative model to address your physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of life. We will review all of them as you feel appropriate and determine what changes need to occur for you to maximize your life. I am a natural-born coach and cheerleader so wellness coaching components will be integrated into your care.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

- Anxiety/OCD/Health Anxiety. I have personally transformed a serious anxiety disorder with the help of pharmaceuticals, supplementations, mind/bodywork, and skillful therapy. I believe in the power of these tools when completed in combination and have significant training and practice utilizing them with clients. My lived experience coupled with my professional experience makes me an expert in addressing anxiety with my clients. I know there is a way out, and I can't wait to help you find it! -Meaning Making/Addressing Spirituality. All humans can benefit from increasing meaning in their lives, but this is particularly helpful for depressed clients. Often in the West, we lose sight of our true values and what gives us genuine purpose. I work with clients to re-discover their passion for life and move from depression to more positive states. I couple Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy with Medication management to help patients truly heal.

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