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Welcome! I am Robyn. These days many people are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and depressed. Sometimes they feel as if no matter what they do, it isn't enough and either they or those around them are never happy with themselves. How about you? Are you trying to manage to be the best parent, spouse, and employee that you can be? Are you struggling with a recent life transition or the loss of a loved one or relationship? Are you lying awake at night reviewing the list of things you think you should have accomplished? Or are you ruminating on what you said to someone, how you said it, and what you should have done differently? You are not alone! Many people experience these feelings and you do not have to continue to feel like this! You CAN FEEL BETTER! I work with adults of all ages who are struggling with these things by providing a safe space to talk about and work through these issues. I strive to empower them to discern their strengths, their priorities, and the barriers to feeling better. Once we’ve done that, I help them find ways to address those barriers and build new coping skills they can use to overcome the challenges of anxiety, depression, managing change, and people-pleasing. Change is not easy! I am impressed by your courage in taking the first step of asking for help to start your journey toward feeling better! You deserve to have someone skilled and trustworthy to guide you to grow and heal. I will compassionately work with you using evidence-based techniques to get beyond the challenges you are experiencing and on the road to feeling better! I’d love to have the privilege of working with you!

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

During our first session you will get to know my style and approach to ensure that you are comfortable moving forward working with me. I will use that session to ask a TON of questions ;-) to make sure that I understand your needs and concerns and I will outline a tentative plan to address them. As we work together, we will explore the challenges you are facing along with your current coping strategies, and then identify new ways to approach them so that you can try them out between our meetings. One of the strategies that I have found to be very helpful when working with people on these issues is to assign homework and have them practice skills between our meetings. This substantially increases how fast they start to feel better and meet their treatment goals.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

I provide a non-judgmental environment that will allow clients to feel safe sharing their present life challenges as well as success. I partner with clients to identify their strengths, build hope, and identify how to use strengths to make changes and be successful. I also really like to incorporate religion and spirituality into my work for those that are interested. Faith can be a significant resource that we can use to help us navigate through difficult times and know that we are not alone.

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My treatment methods

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

Cognitive behavioral Therapy is an evidence-based practice (extensive research demonstrates that it is very effective with a wide variety of clients). I have been using this approach for almost 20 years. Together clients and I work to identify how their thoughts affect their feelings and behaviors. We then work on changing thinking patterns that contribute to anxiety and depression.

Faith based therapy

As a Christian woman, I know how important faith can be as we go through life. With those clients who are open to it, I incorporate concepts from the Bible into our discussions and encourage clients to build their faith and rely on God for support during difficult times.