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Sabrina Ritchie

Sabrina Ritchie

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Hi, my name is Sabrina Ritchie and I am a dedicated PMHNP with more than 15 years of experience in healthcare; over seven years as a nurse practitioner. I created Thoughtful Therapies, LLC to provide a judgment-free space for clients to be open. I provide individual psychotherapy as an adjunct to medication management remotely to adults who are managing anxiety, depression, and trying to improve their overall wellness. As a dual certified nurse practitioner, I integrate my knowledge of psychiatry as well as primary care in my approach to my clients.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

Prior to our first session, I offer a complimentary 15-minute introductory call during which time we can determine whether this provider-client relationship will be a good fit. If it is determined so, we will schedule an initial intake session. During our first session I will gather information from a variety of sources to help with the intake process. There are a variety of forms that will be completed prior to the new intake session to help me familiarize myself with you. This is primarily an information gathering session and less of a 2-way conversation. During the session, I gather health/medical information, past psychiatric and behavior health treatment, relevant family and social history, begin the evaluation and diagnostic process of your past and current symptoms, provide psychoeducation regarding your diagnoses, discuss your treatment goals, and review treatment options that you feel comfortable with and are based in scientific evidence. The intake session lasts approximately one hour during which we will start to develop a plan of care tailored for you. Follow-up sessions will build upon the initial intake and last approximately half an hour.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

One of my core values is built on trust; you are the expert in your own experience and should feel that you are able to share those experiences and feelings with me in a nonjudgmental space. How ever you come into our sessions, know that you will be met with empathy and empowerment. My treatment style evolves to meet your needs. My ultimate goal is to empower clients to achieve mental wellness and improve their overall quality of life.

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Mind-body approach

I utilize a variety of treatment methods but I believe in the power of the mind-body connection; it is a crucial aspect of one's whole self and overall well-being.