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My name is Chemal (Sha-mall) and welcome to Within Arms Reach Counseling, LLC. I have a Latino - Caribbean background and prescribe to the label of islander. Where I’m from they use the term “crazy people” without clear understanding of what it truly means, but as a therapist and person, I believe differences exist beneficially and I try to understand them all. I aspire to be my best everyday inside and outside of therapy. I love nature, basketball, soccer, family and exploring the mind. Therapy is not just a career for me, but a passion. I have also been in the Florida Army National Guard for 7.5 years. I am a LMHC, NNC, CCTP specializing in Couple's Therapy and Trauma. I am motivated to help anyone, but specifically look to aid couple's who no longer connect emotionally, verbally or physically. Gottman therapy is my foundation for couple's and it is proven to create lasting change for healthier relationships. I am a CCTP (Clinical Certified Trauma Professional), meaning i've been trained to work with PTSD, Anxiety, Phobias, and side effects from them like control issues and difficulty turning the brain off. You are not alone and there is a path towards peace. If you are interested in understanding self and healing with intention, I am here for you. Main website: (Visit the main website to see the full list of accepted insurance plans.)

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

The first session is based on understanding the client's previous therapeutic experiences, expectations of the therapist, current needs, and questions about the therapist and/or therapy. Understanding why the client is attending therapy is focused on in the second half of the session. The depth of conversation is based on the client's comfort level in discussion.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

My largest strength is my focus to understand the individual or couple from multiple perspectives. I aim to see my clients as a whole. A combination of their total parts that have crafted them into their still flexible and resilient self. Through this perspective I believe I can access the patterns and true nature of the person i'm helping. Like seeing a 3D blue print of their mind and path in life.

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My treatment methods

Acceptance and commitment (ACT)

I use Acceptance and Commitment therapy to help clients understand that their decisions have a physical effect in the world and an internal effect within ourselves, based on if it aligns with our values or not. Living with our values promotes feeling confident in our life decisions and working against our values creates internal conflict. It is used to provide clarity and decipher what out life path means to the individual. I am trained to use this method professionally.

Trauma-Focused CBT

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a staple in the therapy community. I use it to explain the connection and impact of the Thoughts, Emotions and Actions we experience daily. Trauma-Focused CBT also takes into account how our traumatic experiences changes our Thoughts, Emotions and Actions. Thus adding a new element to our delicate balance and at times changing how we see and feel about ourselves. TFCBT also incorporates intentionally strengthening the mind-body connection and educating the individual on how to cope with their life circumstance. I am trained to use this method professionally.

Gottman method

Gottman therapy is an essential foundational piece of couple's therapy for Monogamous relationships and can be applied to Non-monogamous relationships. It focuses on the elements of a healthy relationship and is structured to support the knowledge of each partner and ways of continually showing care, attention, understanding, communication skills, support toward life dreams and culture. I am trained to use this method professionally.


Somatic therapy is about utilizing a focus on the body in order to process Anxiety and symptoms of Trauma. Somatic therapy creates a present time focus and I use this for a wide range of issues. I am trained to use this method professionally.