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Andrea Franco-Cook


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3 years of experience
Hi, I'm a licensed Clinical Social Worker, based in Lexington, Kentucky. I work with clients who struggle with a variety of mental health issues, ranging from trauma and PTSD to depression and anxiety. I truly believe that there is no one size fits all approach to therapy and each client is unique. Therefore, I've worked diligently to continue my education regarding differing treatment approaches so I can meet the client's individual needs.

Next available: Feb 26

Lawrence Flynn

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25 years of experience
I am an experienced and compassionate behavioral health and wellness therapist driven by an authentic desire to guide and support anyone facing challenging individual or life difficulties. For 25 years, I have provided therapeutic mental health, addiction, relationship, family, crisis management, and wellness services for adults, couples, adolescents, children, families, aging adults, and veterans. I also provide Resilience and Success Coaching to individuals, executives, healthcare professionals, attorneys, and professional athletes.

Next available: Mar 11

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