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Sejal Patel

Sejal Patel


5 years of experience

Hiya. My name is Sejal Patel, and I am currently licensed in North and South Carolina, as a LMFT. As a therapist, I show curiosity when my client(s), families, and couples ask me for guidance. Majority of my clients', share the assumption, because I am a therapist, I experience minimal challenges in life and relationships. I wish that was true. My professional education and knowledge has been helpful and useful. Truthfully, the lessons I learned by experiencing failures, challenges, and struggles of life are the true heroes to how I find my solutions. I welcome your curiosity to a collaborative process that combines my professional expertise, your life experience knowledge, and the power of creative solutions.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

At the beginning of our first session, the client can expect tasks such as, reviewing the completion and content of the documents they completed prior. Reviewing documents perfectly paves a smooth transition into the reason which led the client(s) to therapy. As the conversation continues, I will ask questions to gain more insight and understanding, including what the client(s) hope to achieve from the therapeutic process. Lastly, I will share information about my professional therapeutic style, approach, expectations, limitations, risks, and an opportunity for client(s) to ask questions. This will allow for an informed decision on future collaboration to be determined. At the closing to every session, the client(s) will be asked to provide a reflective evaluation of the session.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

My greatest strength is my innate compassion, empathy, and creative ability to present information tactfully that empowers my clients' autonomy.

About Sejal Patel



My treatment methods


I cannot undo what has been done in their past; instead, I make their past memories and experiences more manageable. The key to success is to try.

Couples Counseling

I ask couples what their reason is for choosing couples counseling and what outcome are hoping for. On reflection, I understand why they choose therapy; relationships are significant and impacting. While my couples work towards their relationship goal(s), my goal is to understand and support their journey, for the best outcome.

Family Therapy

We are a product of our environment. Our childhood upbringing, interpersonal interactions, and societal expectations are influential players in our lives. To increase the chances of sustaining my clients' desired achievements, my methods encourage and support change with the whole (metaphorically and literally) system.


Many of my clients, especially the children and adolescents, struggle to recognize their abilities, talents, skills, and strength. They possess amazing characteristics and traits; and I love empowering and reinforcing what already exists, in every opportunity that presents itself.