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Zoe Prowell

Zoe Prowell


10 years of experience

I am a therapist specializing in adult mental health and addiction disorders. I have 10 years of experience providing individual, family, group, and couples therapy. I have worked in both inpatient and outpatient environments. Here at Grow I offer individual and couples counseling. Individual counseling is billed through insurance or self-pay at $100 per hour. Couples counseling is self-pay only at $150 per hour. There is a no show fee of $100. There is a late cancellation (less than 24 hours) fee of $100. My mission is to be used by God to help others reach their highest potential and purpose in life; to represent and teach tolerance, respect, and harmony; and to promote social and economic justice. I believe that all people regardless of race, culture, age, gender, religion, physical or mental disability, and sexual orientation are entitled to basic rights and fair, humane treatment. I believe that all members of society should have the same basic rights, protections, opportunities, obligations, and social benefits. My practice is governed by the belief that you are a valuable human being. You have the right to express your ideas and opinions openly and honestly. You have the right to direct and govern your life. You have the right to stand up for yourself without anxiety and make choices that are good for you. You have the right to change your mind. You have the right to not be liked by everyone. You have the right to be wrong. You have the right to make requests and refuse them without feeling guilty. You have the right to ask for information. You have the right not to be responsible for others’ behaviors, actions, feelings, or problems.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

In our first session, we will complete a biopsychosocial assessment to identify the problem (s) and form a diagnosis. During the next session, we will create a treatment plan with goals and objectives or steps to accomplish the goals; identify barriers to reaching the goals; and set a time frame for accomplishing the goals. Throughout therapy we will review your progress and make changes as needed. When goals are close to being met, we will begin to look at less frequent visits and possibly terminating therapy.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

My biggest strengths are having the natural ability to listen, show empathy, and sense solutions to whatever issues you may be experiencing.

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My treatment methods

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an evidence-based form of treatment that has been proven to be effective for depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, alcohol and drug use problems, marital problems, eating disorders, and other severe mental illnesses. I have been using CBT for 10 years in practice and it is the primary treatment method that I use. I use it to help clients recognize how their thoughts affect their beliefs which affect their actions and behaviors. Clients are assigned CBT exercises to complete outside of sessions that help achieve this goal. Being able to recognize unhelpful/negative/distorted thoughts is the first step to resolving problematic behaviors.