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Atiya W. Pope, LPC NCC

Atiya W. Pope, LPC NCC


5 years of experience

When was the last time someone asked you, how are YOU doing? What went well for YOU this week? Has anyone ever said to YOU its your time, I'm listening? I am a fully licensed, board certified mental health counselor/therapist in the states of PA, NJ and DE with case management experience working in workforce development helping unemployed citizens of Philadelphia. ​Both my education and professional experiences makes me a uniquely qualified as a therapist to support their individual journeys of discovery. My main passion is to help everyone to become the best version of themselves. I work with clients to enable themselves to begin the challenging work of self-discovery, growth potential and change through my clinical skills in through a psychodynamic, CBT and increasing my knowledge in DBT approach. I provide individual, couples and adults who are struggling with anxiety, depression, anger management, loss/grief, relationships, pregnancy/parenting, and life transitions.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

In our first session, we start building a therapeutic alliance by getting to know each other, discussing mutual expectations and setting goals.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

One of my goals for my clients is to eventually get them to a point where they will not need me as much because they have to be working on empowering themselves. I use psychodynamic therapy to help my clients to better understand their individual feelings and why their behavior may be affecting their functioning. This approach can help my clients to increase their confidence and improve their interpersonal skills which can help their relationships. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is useful to help my clients to change maladaptive behaviors and thinking. The benefit of this approach is that it gives a productive way to deal with real-world problems that they encounter. CBT is a therapy that works well with or without medication.

About Atiya W. Pope, LPC NCC


3502 Scotts Lane building 1, Philadelphia, PA, USA, Suite 113


Virtual & in-person

My treatment methods

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

I have loved learning and working with CBT since graduate school. I work with my clients to learn how to identify their thinking patterns in their daily lives that has been causing painful emotions or other problems. We work together to develop new thoughts so that you learn to change how you feel and change your perspective.


I work with my client to help relies to decrease the symptoms associate with their diagnosis, improve self-esteem, restore relation to reality, regulate impulses and negative thinking, and reinforce the ability to cope with life stressors and challenges.


During our sessions, I like to give my clients knowledge about their symptoms/diagnosis so that they have basic information about interventions to increase a better overall outcome.

Solution Focused Brief Treatment

I work with my client to help them move towards the future goals they want and to learn what can be done differently by using their existing skills, strategies and ideas – rather than focusing on the problem.


We work collaboratively to examine both mental and emotional processes that influences behavior that is/has not been productive.

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