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Shonda Lowe

Shonda Lowe

7 years of experience
Solution oriented

Hi, I'm Shonda! I center the needs of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) to provide culturally competent mental health services. Do you feel overwhelmed, confused, or simply exhausted due to the demands of life and relationships with family, friends and/or colleagues? Are you engaging in negative self talk and very critical of yourself and others? OR do you have difficulty asserting your needs from others only to feel resentful and taken advantage of when you don't speak up? If so, I can assist you on your healing journey to improve your relationship with yourself and others. I work best with clients who are in the action stage of change and willing to do "it" afraid. I will refer clients who are seeking assistance with social anxiety to other providers that specialize in this area. I help teens, adults and couples identify what ways of thinking/reacting are not serving them and ways to modify thinking/reacting in an effort to improve relationships with others and the self. Together, we can assess adverse life experiences that have contributed to how you respond to life in ineffective ways. We will also uncover unhealthy core beliefs that stem from adverse experiences so that we can increase your ability to understand yourself deeper and make the necessary mental/behavioral changes from this updated awareness. Finding a compatible therapist is essential, the relationship with your mental health provider is a very important factor. I am considered by many of my clients very relatable and personable as I am human first and have dealt with some of the same issues as you. I have found that I work best with clients who have good people skills and are self starters. You deserve a safe space to heal, learn, and grow. Let's begin your healing journey!

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

I am a very personable therapist that is easy to connect with. In our first session I will get to know more about why you are seeking therapy and the associated symptoms you are experiencing (low mood, excessive worry, ruminating, poor appetite, sleep hygiene, etc.) and important factors from various areas of your life to make the connections that will aide in achieving your treatment goals.

What treatment methods and tools do you utilize?

I utilize the following forms of psychotherapy: CBT DBT REBT SFBT

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

I specialize in helping clients think in more rational ways as many clients become disturbed in their mood when they "should" or "must" on situations or the people in their lives. I also specialize in increasing clients insight into their negative self talk and negative outlook on themselves which exacerbate their depression and/or anxiety. Boundaries and assertiveness are skills that are frequently taught in my sessions. I also love working with couples to increase their interpersonal skills to have a more delightful relationship.

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