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Ranu Aeron, LICSW, EMDR Certified

Ranu Aeron, LICSW, EMDR Certified


20 years of experience

In a world where mental health is increasingly recognized as essential, and as an open minded therapist, I encompass a crucial role in the lives of my clients by trust-building, effective communication, empathy, nonjudgmental attitude, problem-solving skills, self-awareness, and resilience. I work with children, individuals and families struggling with emotional concerns - with age 10+, preteens, teenagers, young adults and adults. I have experience working with PANDAS, ADHD, OCD & tics, Anxiety, Phobias, Mood Disorders, Personality Disorders, and PTSD. I specialize in the areas of Trauma, Autism Spectrum, ADHD, Sexual abuse, Dissociative Disorders, Depression, Bipolar, Anxiety, Phobias and short term crisis resolution. I help my clients by utilizing EMDR, TF-CBT or CBT, Polyvagal Theory, Solution Focused Brief therapy, with Culturally Sensitive approach to develop effective coping skills to increase personal functioning and resilience, and release past learned maladaptive behaviors/phobias that may be causing dysfunction in their present life. I am a graduate of Boston University with 20+ years of experience in the mental health field. I was born and raised in India, and can read, write and speak Hindi, I can also understand Panjabi, Gujarati and Urdu.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

In a lighthearted and engaging manner, by incorporating humor, relatability, and clear communication, I will help my clients feel at ease and informed about what to expect in their therapy sessions while setting a positive tone for their therapeutic journey.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

An Open Mind: Working with diverse populations for past 20+ years, I am aware that it requires for a mental health professional to maintain an open mind regarding different perspectives, beliefs, values, and experiences that may differ from their own backgrounds or worldviews. For me, cultural sensitivity is crucial as well as respecting individual differences in order to effectively connect with each of my client on a deeper level and facilitate positive change through therapy sessions based on their unique needs and circumstances. Building Strong Therapeutic Rapport Good Listening Skills Clear Verbal Communication Empathy The Ability to Solve Problems Self-Awareness – Limitations

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EMDR is an evidence-based therapeutic approach designed to help individuals process distressing memories and experiences that contribute to their current emotional and psychological difficulties. The goal of EMDR is to facilitate the reprocessing of traumatic memories through bilateral stimulation techniques such as eye movements, hand taps, or auditory tones. These techniques aim to help the brain integrate and resolve past traumatic experiences.

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

CBT is a form of talk therapy that focuses on the connections between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. CBT is a short-term treatment aimed at providing tools to address current problems.. In my sessions I will be helping with various techniques such as cognitive restructuring, exposure therapy, journaling, activity scheduling, behavioral experiments, relaxation techniques, role-playing, and successive approximation. And to benefit from this therapeutic approach I would like to emphasize that CBT requires commitment and active participation from my clients with the importance of setting specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-limited goals.

Polyvagal Therapy

Polyvagal therapy is a therapeutic approach that focuses on regulating the nervous system to improve emotional regulation, social engagement, and overall well-being. It is based on the Polyvagal Theory developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, which emphasizes the role of the vagus nerve in our physiological responses to stress and trauma. In my sessions - 1. I will increase awareness about Polyvagal Theory, and educate my clients to understand how this approach will help them regulate their nervous system responses and improve their overall well-being. 2. I will understand and identify my clients Symptoms and Triggers and 3. Together we will develop Treatment Plan using Polyvagal Therapy. My approach will involve various techniques such as: Regulating Breathing, Mindfulness Practices, Somatic Experiencing, Social Engagement Activities.

Solution Focused Brief Treatment

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy is an effective approach that focuses on empowering clients to find solutions and achieve their goals in a relatively short period. In my sessions to make meaningful progress, I would be emphasizing on strengths, setting clear goals, fostering collaboration, and promoting change through practical strategies.

Culturally Sensitive Therapy

In my personal and professional life I recognize and respect the influence of culture on an individual’s beliefs, values, behaviors, and mental health. I will be using culturally sensitive therapy in my treatment plans beginning with expressing my commitment to understanding my clients cultural background. Emphasizing my respect for diversity and the importance of honoring different cultural perspectives. Highlighting the significance of building trust and rapport with my clients through cultural understanding. Tailoring interventions to align with my clients cultural norms and preferences. I will be involving my clients in decision-making regarding their treatment, acknowledging any cultural stigma or barriers related to mental health within their community.