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Karen Tremblay

Karen Tremblay


24 years of experience

My name is Karen Tremblay, I am a licensed clinical social worker. I believe in providing goal-directed collaborative therapy focusing on change as constant and certain. You are the expert of your life experiences and have the resources and strengths to overcome barriers to your wellness. I assist clients with learning skills that assist with managing and tolerating challenging and uncomfortable situations, identifying and developing achievable goals, and improving and enhancing personal resilience. I work with a variety of individuals providing telehealth services addressing a multitude of issues including but not limited to processing trauma, anxiety, stress, domestic inequality, and perfectionistic and relentless inner critic patterns. I generally check messages after 6:00 p.m., during the week. I will respond as quickly as I can. I am unable to schedule sessions during the day except for weekends. I do appreciate your patience as I may be tending to other clients or professional/personal responsibilities. I look forward to collaborating with you.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

During our initial therapy session we’ll lay the groundwork for our joint efforts, take the opportunity to become acquainted, and I’ll be available to address any inquiries you have regarding the therapeutic process. Generally, our opening session is dedicated to outlining the structure of therapy. In our forthcoming sessions, we’ll concentrate on exploring the reasons you’ve sought out therapy and collaborate to formulate effective approaches to tackle the challenges you’re facing.” This approach ensures clarity about the therapy process while also establishing a supportive environment for open communication.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

Incorporating humor, humility, empathy combined with my experiential and educational knowledge is empowering and motivating to my clients. I believe support, acceptance and clear communication are essential in making longstanding life changes.

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My treatment methods

Culturally Sensitive Therapy

I believe the understanding and acceptance of my client's core cultural beliefs is vitally important in our collaboration. The exploration of my client's culturally-related strengths and supports, and validation of their experiences with oppression strengthens therapeutic alliance and fosters a safe and non-judgmental space.


Attachment-based therapy (ABT) is a therapeutic approach focusing on the influence of early attachment relationships with caregivers on an individual’s emotional and relational development. It aims to help clients understand and address issues related to their attachment styles, which can affect their ability to form and maintain healthy relationships as adults. This approach is useful in understanding familial patterns.