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Janice Nixon

Janice Nixon

25 years of experience
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Hi, I'm Janice and I have 25 + years of experience working with addiction and mental health difficulties. I am board-certified in clinical and medical hypnosis. Are you overwhelmed in your day-to-day life, seemingly unable to find the perfect balance or peace you so deserve? Are you struggling with addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma or a negative self-view? I provide compassion and support while we work together to identify the areas of concern in your life and develop a plan to heal them. I utilize evidence-based treatments and incorporate mindfulness into my sessions to provide healing for the mind, body and spirit, to help you feel whole again. Let us start on this healing journey together.

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I am a good listener, compassionate and intuitive. I believe in using a holistic approach to heal the mind, body and spirit.

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Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

I utilize CBT in my practice to help clients recognize how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors influence each other. I will help you use the knowledge gained to change your thinking patterns, which will result in you leading a life with less anxiety and stress


Hypnotherapy is known as the bridge to the subconscious mind and is the place where limiting beliefs, that are hindering your progress in life., are changed. I will use hypnotherapy to help you make desired changes in your life.