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7 years of experience

Thank you for stopping by and congratulations on taking the first step in entering therapy! I find passion in helping clients overcome the stigmas associated with counseling. I particularly find passion in working with males to help them know it is okay to ask for help! Toxic masculinity is real and it impacts how one treats himself and others around him. Our world has the potential to create a lot of stress and havoc. Maybe you're worried about situations you're unable to control and it stops you from going to sleep at night. Could you be feeling gloomy and as a result, you're not taking care of yourself physically and emotionally? As a result of how things have been going are you drinking more than you normally do or using drugs more than you feel you should be? Recent struggles with your sexuality could be causing strain on your relationship with yourself and others and do you find yourself wanting to be more affirming of who you are as a person? Maybe some and/or any combination of these factors has left you feeling lost and/or traumatized and lost as an individual and you are seeking ways to help yourself. If this sounds like anything you're struggling with, let's schedule a session together! If you're on the fence about entering counseling and/or if we would be a good fit, let's schedule a free, 15-minute consultation to help you answer those questions.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

During our first session, we will get to know each other. We will go over your goals for treatment and understand what issues you are presenting with to create a treatment plan.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

I see my biggest strength as working with my clients from a person-centered and individualistic standpoint. My experience working with individuals in numerous settings has helped me to work with individuals from all walks of life; those that are court-involved, incarcerated, struggling with addiction, or wanting treatment on their own accord have found benefits in working with me. The biggest compliment I receive from clients is "I enjoy our connection." If you do not have a connection with your therapist, it is hard to grow.

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My treatment methods

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

I use CBT as a means to help individuals with changing their thoughts and behaviors to enact change.


I am EMDR basic trained. Being able to utilize this modality has assisted me with working with my clients to assist with healing of trauma. I can also use EMDR to help with anyone that experiences an overall negative view of him/herself.

Motivational Interviewing

I have experienced the greatest success using this modality with Substance Abuse clients who were court ordered to therapy. I have also been able to use this modality for those who are questioning if change it wanted to be made. With this modality, I can help you discover for yourself if certain issues are truly impacting you or not and then allow you to make change if you would like to.