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Erica Sylvia Mitchell

Erica Sylvia Mitchell


4 years of experience

Healing through self-discovery is a powerful means to uncovering your full potential. The relationship starts with yourself. The healing journey is defined by you creating a life you want to live as I work as an aid, the vessel to support you. Are you struggling with complex trauma, chronic stress, anxiety, depression, or life transitions? Is your body storing pain? Are you questioning your purpose, career, and relationships? Are you searching for balance? Is work or family obligations stressing you? Are you feeling disorganized, or are criticizing thoughts getting in your way? Have you held onto a dysfunctional narrative of who you are? Welcome. I am glad you are here. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in California, Florida, & Utah. I offer video teletherapy. A little about me. I am a wife, mother of two young adults, and a free-spirited traveler. I know what it is like to feel stuck, yearning for that something. Connection is critical in our search for support.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

In your first session together we will complete an initial mental health assessment and treatment plan together to support your therapeutic goals. I will answer questions you may have, share about my professional background, and determine next steps.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

The year 2020, similarly to many, shifted my perspectives. I was on my healing journey of self-discovery. I was living a joyful life and recognized the fear of being with my thoughts and feelings. There was greatness awaiting me. With courage, permission to love myself, and a clear vision it was time to fill in the in-between to reach my desired path. I have a love for travel, exploration, and freedom. While enjoying quiet moments alone, with a good cup of coffee and my journal. My specialties are lived experiences backed by evidenced-based training in the field of social work and clinical psychotherapy. It is through empathy and compassion I decided to provide the world with my gifts by building therapeutic alliances with clients, to showing acts of kindness.

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My treatment methods


As a trauma informed therapist I use an integrative EMDR approach to support you increasing your tolerance to stress within your environments so you may feel informed by your past rather than your past controlling you, while learning how to manage how you show up in your future. Drawing upon your adaptive skills and increasing those through a variety of preparation techniques EMDR is a therapy to support mind and body connection.


In session I will support you through an integrative approach drawing on ego state therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy (including inner child and shadow work), the polyvagal vagal theory, and how to use emotions and feelings as gifts, allies.