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Jed Shlackman, M.S. Ed.

Jed Shlackman, M.S. Ed.


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Jed Shlackman, M.S. Ed., LMHC provides a variety of individual, family, and group counseling and healing services. Jed combines traditional humanistic and cognitive oriented psychotherapy approaches with holistic guidance and advanced mind-body and energetic healing methods (such as hypnotherapy, meditation, Reiki, mindfulness, energy psychology, emotional release, trauma healing, sound healing) that can foster deep healing and more rapid transformation - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Jed has worked as a counselor for over 25 years and has trained in a wide spectrum of counseling and healing methods. Jed provides a client-centered approach that seeks to identify which resources will best support the client and promote well-being and solutions that truly enhance life and build resilience. Jed is a native of South Florida and studied psychology and counseling at the University of Miami. While beginning his career providing counseling for children and adolescents and their families Jed went through a process of spiritual exploration and self-discovery that led to subsequent training in hypnotherapy, Reiki and energy healing, energy psychology, meditation, sound healing, trauma healing, and other complementary and alternative healing methods. Jed is also an author, with books available on Amazon, and is an amateur musician performing as "Jedi Shaman." Jed provides counseling and healing services with a holistic orientation, which refers to addressing the "whole" person and the systems and environments the person is a part of. This approach incorporates cognitive, humanistic, family systems, and psychodynamic therapies as well as transpersonal psychological therapies, hypnosis, energy psychology, expressive therapies, mind-body healing modalities, and vibrational/energetic healing approaches, as well as somatic therapies and addressing biological systems with herbs, essential oils, diet, and nutritional interventions. As a multi-talented, compassionate counselor with extensive knowledge and diverse experience Jed provide comprehensive healing services and collaboration with clients.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

In the first session we will get acquainted and explore client concerns and goals, taking a history and overview of the situation to determine what therapeutic approach or resources would be best to help assist the client.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

Jed helps clients connect with their own subconscious wisdom and intuition and is skilled at clearing and shifting energy patterns.

About Jed Shlackman, M.S. Ed.

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My treatment methods


Exploring with clients how childhood attachment patterns have influenced personality development and current emotional issues and interpersonal functioning.


Working with hypnosis to reprocess past experience and shift programming and patterns held in the subconscious mind. I use it for a wide variety of emotional challenges, addictions, phobias, trauma, attention issues, self-confidence, school and job performance, pain reduction, mind-body medicine, and more.


I educate clients about mental health issues and self-help resources, empowering clients to understand how their concerns can be addressed and what they can incorporate into their daily lives to achieve their therapy goals.

Mindfulness-Based Therapy

Using mindfulness and meditation practices to enhance self-awareness and reduce reactivity and impulsivity. Building resources to reduce stress and anxiety and be more centered in daily life.


Integrating a variety of therapeutic resources to address the individual needs of each client - understanding that we are multi-dimensional, multi-faceted beings with complex challenges that may need a multi-faceted, holistic and integrative approach. This can include recommending other types of healing modalities or health care professionals.