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Christian Carroll

Christian Carroll


10 years of experience
Solution oriented

Hello I hope all is well but if not I'm definitely here to lend my services to help. My name is Christian I believe the therapeutic alliance with my clients is very important component of the treatment process. I work alongside my clients to help them through life difficulties such as major life changes, anxiety, family trauma, and depression. I love to assess what is helping and not helping my clients, then find unique clinical interventions that make real positive change. Small positive changes can lead to big changes. I'm an eclectic when it comes to using different therapy modalities. I like to use therapeutic games at times to foster a safe place for my clients to talk about the root of the issues at hand.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

In our first session the client can expect to go over a brief introduction of myself and for them to get a good idea of how I provide therapy as well them discussing what brings them to therapy. In the first session it is important for me to start building a therapeutic alliance also rapport to help the client feel more comfortable also for them to feel what they want to achieve is important also possible. I like to talk with the client about their interests in hobbies as well which is apart of the joining rapport building process.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

As a Clinician some of my strengths is my ability to empathize and listen to different clients as they talk about their different life issues in session. I have good critical thinking skills and I bring a wide arrange of experience working with different mental health disorders. I have a lot of experience working with families that have parenting issues, anger management issues, and clients that have issues as it relates to Christianity.

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My treatment methods

Solution Focused Brief Treatment

I have experience using this therapy modality in a variety of settings over 9 years. I work along side of my client to bring practical and evidence based strategies to support the client with their goals. My approach is very strength based and I help my clients measure how the strategies they are using are working or not.

Christian Counseling

I have been providing Christian counseling for at least 5 years. I come from a Christian background and I provide both evidence based text book interventions as well as biblical scriptures and strategies from a Christian perspective that can support clients with a wide variety of issues.

Reality Therapy

I have a lot of experience providing this modality of therapy. A lot of times it is very helpful to have a therapist work with clients to make practical, reasonable, and to help them evaluate what is working but also to change some things to help clients take small steps toward progress. This approach can be very effective with a willing client that wants to take those steps and put in the work to achieve their goals.

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

I have a lot of experience teaching and supporting clients work through negative thought patterns and helping them find positive strategies to change their thoughts to more positive healthier thoughts. With this therapy modality I have therapy resources and can provide practical strategies to help clients put them to use in an easy but convenient way to help them achieve the goals they desire.