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Shay Baker

Shay Baker


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Young, old, rich or poor--- it does not matter your struggle as my virtual doors are open to assist you in achieving optimal wellness. I believe in meeting you where you are and offers therapy and wellness services in the office, home, community and schools. From the child struggling with ADHD, anxiety, or defiance problems to the adult grappling with depression, suicidal thoughts, or marital problems; to the elderly client mentally struggling with losing their independence or limited mobility, I strive to provide seamless and personally meaningful treatment and care. My assessment of clients includes a careful consideration of the importance of fluctuating mental states and key relationships in their life, as well as family and cultural patterns. I strive to develop an understanding of the interconnection of an individual’s mind, body and soul. I join with you to help you discover meaning and purpose in your struggles. Not only am I a Therapist, I’m also a Registered Nurse and currently finishing my studies to become a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. I believe that the body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter, and the soul heals with joy.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

Overall, the first session is about laying a foundation of trust, understanding, and collaboration. It's a vital step in starting the therapeutic journey, one that sets the tone for our work together and begins the process of healing and growth.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

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My treatment methods

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

As a mental health professional, my journey with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been profoundly enriching and transformative, both for my clients and for my personal growth as a therapist. CBT, with its structured, goal-oriented, and problem-solving approach, has equipped me to guide clients through the complexities of their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in a manner that is both compassionate and empirically grounded. My experience with CBT began during my graduate training, where I was drawn to its clear, evidence-based framework and its versatility in addressing a wide range of psychological issues. Over the years, my practice has deepened through continuing education, supervision, and, most importantly, the day-to-day experiences of working closely with clients. In my practice, I use CBT to help clients identify and challenge unhelpful patterns of thinking and behavior. This often involves collaboratively setting treatment goals, teaching clients about the relationship between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, and employing specific strategies like cognitive restructuring and behavioral experiments. These techniques empower clients to make meaningful changes in their lives, fostering resilience and promoting mental well-being. One of the aspects I value most about CBT is its adaptability. It allows for personalization of treatment to meet each client's unique needs and circumstances. Whether I'm working with someone facing anxiety, depression, or life transitions, CBT provides a framework that can be tailored to help them navigate their challenges more effectively. Moreover, I incorporate mindfulness and acceptance-based strategies, an extension of traditional CBT, to enhance my practice. These approaches deepen clients' awareness and acceptance of their thoughts and feelings, promoting healing and growth.